10 years on Bsc Maths course

By Amaka Abayomi, www.allafrica.com

Ten year old Esther Okade, one of UK’s youngest students from Nigeria, has been accepted to start her maths degree at the Open University. Esther, who enrolled three weeks ago, is already top of her class, scoring 100 per cent in a recent test.

Esther’s mother, Efe, said the process of applying to the university was ‘an interesting one because of her age…10 years old girl gets admission into university

Death penalty for oppossing Paul Biya

Boko Haram has given one of Africa’s longest serving tyrant (Paul Biya) an opportunity to silence his political enemies in the name of national security. As Nigeria, Cameroon and Chad brave the barbarism of Abubaka’s Boko Haram’s men who are fighting to reverse civilization, Cameroon’s President is busy in the nation’s capital Yaoundé trying to force through draconian legislations to stifle democracy. The CPDM majority in parliament are scheming to put in place laws that would consider ‘civil disobedience’ treason and punishable by death…Death sentence re-activated in Cameroon


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