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Amnesty calls on Canada to arrest George Bush

Maher Arar campaign button for the Security Wi...

Maher Arar campaign button for the Security With Human Rights campaign of Amnesty International, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Amnesty calls on Canada to arrest George Bush

Amnesty International has called on Canadian authorities to arrest and prosecute George W Bush, saying the former US president authorised torture in the course of the United States’ “war on terror”.
Bush is expected to attend an economic summit in Surrey in Canada’s westernmost British Columbia province on October 20.
The human rights organisation said in a statement released on Wednesday that the Canadian government has “international obligations … given [Bush's] responsibility for crimes under international law including torture”.
The London-based group also released a >>27-page memorandum<< that it had submitted in September to Canada’s attorney general laying out its legal case. Read more
Amnesty calls on Canada to arrest George Bush – Americas – Al Jazeera English

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