Call for papers

The Southern Cameroons Youth League (SCYL) was founded in 1995 by students and former students who had been victims of the annexationist policy of La Republique du Cameroun. These students never gave up the struggle to completely free the Southern Cameroons and completely overhaul the educational system as to imbue in the Youths
a sense of pride in what we got right and a duty in what we must fix. The SCYL holds that the curriculum of education that had glorified and distorted history must be changed. The SCYL also holds that the educational system will be transformed to meet up challenges of the 21st century. FOWARDThe Southern Cameroons was a Territory under The United Kingdom administration. A history fraught with intrigues and conspiracies principally by the cold war allies aimed at denying the peoples of the Southern Cameroons in particular,
and the peoples of the UNO Territory o f the Cameroons formerly under United Kingdom administration our right to be masters of our own destiny. This lack of education about our history has affected even those of us in the fore front of our struggle with half truths, with the
result that for the past 21 years we have been chasing, as it were, the wrong shadow. The conspiracy is further confirmed by the following dispatch from Mr. John K. Emmerson, American Consul-General, Lagos , dated 11 May, 1959, to the USState Department: “The Southern Cameroons is a frontier, exposed … toCommunist-inspired influences, which can become adanger of serious magnitude. This reason, not to speakof its great potentialities, makes the
SouthernCameroons an area of serious concern to the UnitedStates. … The present government in the SouthernCameroons, made up of almost totally inexperienced
andnaive ex-primary school teachers with good intentions,is incapable of grappling with the tremendous problemswhich face it. … Leadership in the SouthernCameroons is inexperienced, untrained and naive. …The logical conclusion would seem to be that theSouthern Cameroons, with its remoteness from Lagos ,its complexities, and its vulnerability, deservesincreased attention on the part of the United States .”


The family of the SCYL in the Diaspora and those living underground within the occupied territory hereby launch
the Southern Cameroons Youth League GOLDEN AWARD FOR EDUCATION dubbed SCYL AWARD.
The SCYL AWARD will cover the following topics:

1. The political and socio-economic policies of the occupying power of
La Republique du Cameroun. In this topic, the participant must explain
the political subjugation, policy of economic deprivation and social destruction
of the Southern Cameroons in order to enhance the policy of occupation.

2. The policy of death practice in our land by the occupying power of
La Republique du Cameroun. People who chose this topic must elaborate on
the human rights violation that successive regimes of La Republique du Cameroun
have carried out in the Southern Cameroons ; the policy of brutality, political
persecution, arrest, torture, detention and extra-judicial execution of
Southern Cameroons citizens by the occupying regime

3. The British deception and betrayal of the Trusteeship mandate bestowed to her
by the United Nations. Why did the British transfer sovereignty of our land from Buea
to Yaoundé? What was the motivation and what role did communist capitalist conflict
have on the British betrayal GUIDELINE Candidates for the GOLDEN AWARD will have to master the Charter of the UNO, the UN Trusteeship System and the Trusteeship Agreements, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as the Charter of the African Union, and highlight areas where, by omission or commission, violations were committed in order to annex the Southern Cameroons to La Republique du Cameroun. More shall be expected of University candidates who must demonstrate ability for research not only into the above-mentioned UNO documents but also the Secret Papers from
London . In light of this,essays from High School candidates shall be assessed differently from those from University students.

The Jury selected by the SCYL will is composed of:

1. Dr. Arnold Boh Yongbang
2. Mr. Lucas Cho Ayaba
3. Mr. Germanus Ndunge
4. Mr. Nwana Benedict
5.Mr. Fuabeh Victor Achankeng

The winners of the SCYL AWARD will receive a three years tuition fee
in the University of Buea or any other institution of learning within
the territory of the Southern Cameroons . The prices will be as follows:

1. First price… Monetary value of 300 US Dollars
2. Second price…Monetary value of 150 US Dollars
3. Third price… Monetary value of 100 US Dollars

One or more of the three prices MUST be won by a lady. Winners will receive their awards in the 2007/2008 academic year.

For and behalf of the SCYL

International Secretary

Secretariat: 0031-703803552
Mobile: 0031-621993396

Human rights are about the curtailment of the abstract and super state power, ie the limitation of absolute power corrupting absolutely”
Julius Che, June 1997- Buea

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