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The man Ayaba Cho Lucas

The Escape-
On June the 28th, 1998 I and my friend Nwana Benedict climbed into a ship loaded with timber on our way into exile. Five days later we surfaced out of our hideout and in an attempt to convince a surprised crew of our desire to seek asylum in Portugal, we were detained. This chapter illuminates the dramatic 30days in the ship, life as blind passangers, our relationship with the angry crew and the political intuition that convinced them to let us land in Germany. It describes the detail planning behind the 3am disembarkment and the traumatic walk in a cold windy morning to an unknown destination. Breath taking.

Chapter 1

The Experience

On July 30 1998, we landed at the seaport of Nordenham, northern Germany and immediately walked our way to an asylum camp. This chapter unveils the long journey of an asylum seeker in Germany. Life in room number 2 as one of seven men in a 20sqm room. It catalogues the humiliation living as a black in a country still engage in self-denial, the threat of deportation, neo-nazis attacks and the struggle against these vices. It also dwells in my battle with the German deportation apparatus that took us up to the European Court of Human and Peoples Right. Life as a German political prisoner. and much more from illegally crossing borders to attend conferences, and occupying institutions. It is a rich and ongoing journey.

Chapter 2

Police as Instrument of State Terror

The German police has killed more refugees than a combined force of rights extremists and racist forces put together.This chapter tries to examine this anomaliy and traces the mentality of this police force right down to the Defence Squadron used by Hitler to terrorise foreigners. It ponders on the reason why despite such bestiality committed, they go unpunish.It list some victims and how they were killed.

Chapter 3

The Apatheid Germany

In 1982, the German parliament enacted an apatheid legislation called the residence obligation law that confined refugees to specific residencial districts. The official reasons were to curb asylum misuse and protect refugees. Read in this chapter why Germans don’t want us to travel without permission and the punishment reserved for violators. This law came into force at a time when calls were loud for the Berlin wall to be torn down, when blacks in South Africa were gradually emerging from the shadow of a white supremacist system. This chapter tracks why a country that understands the vices of divide and restriction and the virtues of the freedom of movement could impose on others same devilish plans as to make them economic and political liabilities. It catalougues the struggle against this racist apatheid system, the tribulation of the unjustly afflicted and why for us, civil disobedience was and is the only way out.

Chapter 4

Racism and Legalised State Militias

Whites have been taught blacks were apes and they were the modern form of homosapien. This has been the concept of white domination in the last 400 years. This falacious idea outlived every resistance and despite the death of Chris Hanni, Malcom X, Martin Lurther and the suffering and sacrifices of millions of people, Germany and europe still hold on to this moroned philosophy. This chapter deals with racist guardian concepts and the contradictions between democracy and the existence of armed militias and right extremist formations who would prefer we were all put in Zoos

Chapter 5

The Interpretation (Political Hypocrisy)

For the past 400 years, European countries have overthrown every existing political system by the use of force. Insecured within their borders, self confident European nation-states rolled tanks across borders, enslaved other people and let others do the fighting for them. Unable to shape the world according to their dictates, countries that yesterday brought so much suffering, pain and humiliation to humanity are trying to forge an economic and political union to compensate for their individual weaknesses. This chapter deals with the true reasons behind the concept of European Unionism, the insecurity that breeds imperialism and the desperate fostering of the guardian concept, anti-Americanism, the desperate Franco-German axis on the one hand and the Anglo-Eastern axis on the other hand and how we are caught in the middle of this elephant dance.



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