SCYL around the Globe

These people are the real Southern Cameroonians who had and has continue to lay down their lives in pursuant of Total and Unconditional Independence for the People of the Southern Cameroons. Because of their gut and determination to Free their People, they where forced into exile by the barbaric governemnt of Le Cameroun. Some are still back HOME living in perpetual hiding.
Comrade Ebenezer Derek Mbongo Akwanga..Jr, National Chairman, SCYL

Comrade Nwana Kouh Benedict, Chief of Defence Council IG and Strategic Coomander SCYL

Comrade Ayaba Cho Lucas, National Secretary General for the SCYL and Author `Not Guilty´

Comrade Julius Che, SCYL International Secretary and Vice Secretary for International Cooperation and Development – Southern Cameroons Interim Government in Exile

Comrade Austin M. Itue, Vice Head of the SCYL International Secretariat, member French

Comrade Nathan Asong Tanyi, Chairman SCYL Holland Bureau

Comrade Shey Fabian Lawong of the West African Bureau has been SCYL Lead Man for Kumbo until Biya chased him into exile. “Liberating my people is my only problem in Life” he says.

Comrade Edwin Akwanga Taji

Comrade Kamegne Sorelle

Comrade Mokom Ernest Konsey French Bureau.

Comrade Stanislas Fuh Abongwa, acting head SCYL Finland.

Comrade Magdalene Ngassa, German Bureau

Comrade Prince Ayamaba Lawrence , Founder Belgian Bureau and Secretary of State IG

Comrade Tem Athanasius, Secretary Holland Bureau

Comrade Numvi Walters

Comrade Acha Christopher Atane

Comrade Yenchi Eric, USA

Comrade Anthony Kweba, Canadian Bureau

Comrade Godfreda Bamju, Canadian Bureau

Comrade Chi Celestine, Austrian Bureau

Comrade Nde Solomon, Japanese Bureau

Comrade Christopher Forminyen, British Bureau

Comrade Rexon Nting, Scotland Bureau

Comrade Cho Martin, Former coordinator and member French Bureau

Comrade Peter Wanki, Secretary Finland Bureau

Comrade Wacahm Tasili Tebo, member French Bureau

Comrade Tangi Augustine, member French Bureau

Comrade Mua Obadiah, member Belgian Bureau and SCYL administrative secretary designate for the International Secretary.

Comrade Alphonse Forchu Jong West Africa Bureau/Private Secreatary to the President.

Comrade Sama Thomas Achoa West Africa Bureau He is Prepared to Die for his Country.

Comrade Dr. Martin Ayong Ayim Head of The Southern Cameroons Missions in America/Executive Committee Member SCYL United States Bureau.

Comrade Maxwell Oben Eyong West Africa Bureau and Chief of Protocol of the Interim Government

Comrade Magdelene NgassaSCYL/SCNC Treasurer, Germany.

Comrade Peter P. TeforlackUnited States Bureau/Secretary for Economy & Finance of the IG.

Comrade Victor Che The German Bureau.

Comrade Anthony Abungwi West Africa Bureau.

Comrade Fuabeh VictorSCNC Secretary-General, Germany

Comrade Wesley Angoni Tiku, SCYL Roving Ambassador for North America. He was there when it began but his paste is intead growing stronger and more determine.

Comrade Gordon Neng, member SCYL Holland, strategic committee delegate. He is always ready to make the difference no matter what it takes and how much it shall cost.

Comrade Edwin Yenika, Treasurer Holland Bureau. His contributions and selflessness has always made the difference.

Comrade Nji Valentine, member Holland Bureau

Dr. Amber Festus, USA Bureau

Comrade Che Victor, German Bureau

Comrade Fotabong Anthony, member Holland Bureau.

Comrade Chi Edwin, member Holland Bureau.

Comrade Ignatius Konfor Ngebe, PRO Holland Bureau.

Comrade Glory Tifuh Njoh, member Holland Bureau and wife to SCYL International Secretary
Continue Viewing The BraveMen/Women of the SCYL whosefootprints have made History.

“Human rights are about the curtailment of the abstract and super state power, ie the limitation of absolute power corrupting absolutely”
Julius Che, June 1997- Buea.


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  1. Tiku Tanyi says:

    what is happening in this country is crazy. What a mess this country has turn to.

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