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The University of Buea became the only pride as a true place of study giving that all SOUTHERN CAMEROONS existing establishments have either been closed or infiltrated with francophones bufonary.

However, this dream to see it completely realized is fading away giving the laxity of its leaders either directly as a result of fear or out right sell out to draw party line.

This is exactly why Lucas Cho Ayaba was thrown out of Buea in 1996 and Ebenezar Akwanga was even refused the right to be a clergy man just because they stood their grounds for the truth. Their course is the very line and policy of the Southern Cameroons Youth League (SCYL).Until we shall be free, both as a nation and with our minds and consciencies, then shall we always remain slaves to a regime built upon and driven by animals.

When Ebenezar Akwanga rised up in 1993 to defend the students from a corrupt university buggled in witchcraft,tribalism sponsored by the annexationist regime, he was branded by power mongers as a seperatist and terorist. When Cho Lucas Ayaba defied all odds and staged a solitary Parents Faculty Association strike to prevent the hikes in fees, he was branded as a disgruntled man seeking for popularity. When Dopgima Valentine, Asonganyi, Julius Che, Spidee and co raised up their voices on four lengthy strikes within an accademic year in 1996, they were branded as Bamenda and pro Bamenda. People like Santos and Njie Makongo were hired by the Njeuma and Endeley (late) administration as spies and informants for the University and the annexationist regime. When Agweri came up in 2005 and stood his grounds against corruption and demanded for a true representative student union to meet the excesses of the Njeuma’s administration, he was seen and castigated as an SCYL intruder intending to distabilize the University.

Today, two more students have fallen at the MOLYKO junction (FREEDOM SQUARE) only trying to continue what Ebenezar Akwanga, Ayaba Cho, Dopgima Valentine, Che Julius,Agwere wanted to do. As these great and the brave men and women take their turns to bring freedom and justice to an institution, they are in their turns making what will be the history and notes for future Southern Cameroonians and their children.

On behalf of the SCYL, and in my Capacity as the International Secretary for the SCYL, i am calling on my brothers and sister of Buea University not to give up until the job is down. We can only make history and gain freedom when we are ready to sacrifice. Do not lay down your stones which is the only weapon we have but stand your grounds until the last chapters of history is written by you. Until the administration will back down and the conclusion of the last commission on the deads of 2005 and today 2006 are made published. Do not give up but fight till the last person drops dead. You may never know what you can do for your nation, but remember, that history will never forget your brave actions. You in the University of Buea are the apostles and engine of a true and free Southern Cameroons under the terms of the SCYL, and with the SCYL, we shall both make history. So let us fight,sacrifice,endure as if the whole struggle against corruption,mediocracy and annexation depended on you alone.

Some lackies in the name of lecturers are threatening you guys, just keep a cool head and have the job done. Cars are bought by men and from monies taken from some of you for marks.Lives can only be given by the almighty God. Have no fear and remember, the SCYL will always stand by you and together, we shall win the war of liberation.

May the souls of our two fallen brothers of freedom rest in peace and may God give comfort to thier families. They were soldiers of freedom and died as one.We should never allow their blood flow in vain.

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Julius Che
For the SCYL

“Human rights are about the curtailment of the abstract and super state power, ie the limitation of absolute power corrupting absolutely”
Julius Che


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