Arrest Warrant for UB Student Leaders

The University of Buea students leaders are currently having tough times with the
government of la republique du cameroun for having expose their diabolic act against
the people of Southern Cameroons.

Three student leaders are already behind bars suffering for a just cause while others
are in the black books of la republic for arrest. Those that were arrested include;
ABIA DAVID, the student union president, department of political science
MARCEL AMABO, secretary General, department of BioChem/MCB
NJONG GIDEON, Delegate i/c of Relations with Faculties, departmentof CST/Geo

Others who were searched and awaitng arrest are:
Leussa Adrienne, Vice President i/c of Academic Affairs, department of BioChem/MCB
Ashu Kingsley Ndip, Vice President i/c Economic Affairs, ECN/MGT
Mbingwai Helen, Assistant Secretary General, department of ENG/FRE
Martin Besong, Public Relations Officer, department of CST/HIS
Ntabe Gospel Ndim, Communication Officer, ASTI(school of translation & interpretation)
Tanga Noel, Financial Secretary, department of BKG/ FIN
Ndive Epeti, Treasurer, department of ECN/MGT
Arrey Emmanuel, Delegate i/c of Relations with Faculties, department of History
Nchawa Yangkam, Social and Cultural Affairs Organiser, department of MLS.


Comrades, make them to understand Nelsom Mandela spent 27 long years behind the bars but still came out victorious.Democracy always come with a prize but we should pay the prize as soldiers and not scouts. Victory is on our side and we should avoid taking any step backward. Forward ever is our matching song and even when we go to jail, we dod so for a just and noble course. Not as tyrants or despots born and bread with corruption but as freedom fighters and matching soldier for change.

Brothers of the UB,stand your ground even if it means all of you will finally go to jail. That is just what it takes to be a leader. Any sign of retreat will mean total destruction. Remain united and steadfast and with this, our dreams can be realised. Let the blood of our brothers, sisters and mothers who are now with the lord not go in vain.

In the coming days the SCYL will be sending to you a delegation to discuss the next step and until victory is achieved, la republique du cameroun will know no peace.

Thanks for making us proud and together, we shall win the war of liberation.

SCYL International Secretariat.

“Human rights are about the curtailment of the abstract and super state power, ie the limitation of absolute power corrupting absolutely”
Julius che, 1997 Buea /

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