The Genisis of the UB strike Action

The gruesome murder and torture of fellow Southern
Cameroonian( SC) students commenced on Monday, the 27th
November,2006. This was due to the following political
scandal from the occupied master: La republic du
cameroun(LRC) on our fellow citizens.

1. The government created medical schools in
and Buea(SC). Entrance examinations were
written in all the above centres.

2. Only two SCs were selected eventhough many SCs
passed the entrance,
while the rest were from LRC, in Douala. The
setting of this examination in the various
centres was based on the language used. That is
English in SC and French in LRC.

3. Of the 800 students who sat on the entrance
examination into the medical school
in Buea University, only 127 passed, all
hailing from Southern Cameroons. The first
la republique du camerounian student took the
600th position. It should be noted
that the exam in Buea was set by the Cameroon
General Certificate of Education
(G.C.E) Board marked using the computerise
system, since they were structural

4. The list of successful candidates was handed over
to the Vice Chancellor(V. C)
for endorsement and later published.

5. After the V.C approval, all successful candidates
were happy and awaing for orals
since only 60 students were needed.
Unfortunately, the Minister of Higher Education
rejected the list on grounds that the list
suppose to be sent to him for approval. It should
also be noted that the Minister did not reject
the list from Douala for the same exam.

6. Thereafter, a document was faxed to the V.C’s
office from the Minister to include 26
names, all being students from la republique
especially the President’s tribe(Eton,Beti &
Ewondo), who did not sit in for the said

7. It should be recalled that only 60 stundents were
needed to become the first batch of
prospective medical doctors and if 26 of these
students were included, the chances of
of Southern Cameroonian students will be 34 out
of 60.

8. The students for the collective interest of their
colleagues who succeeded, asked the
V.C to tell the Minister to annul the illegal
list, but to no avail.

9. Then the students called in for a peaceful
strike, that is, domonstrating their grievances
on the school campus. They started shouting: No
to corrupt!, No to bribery! They wrote
placards carrying messages such as: Anglosaxon
Universities are not corrupt;
Yaounde should not corrupt our University and a lot
of others.

10. This move was to shun corruption in univesities
and allow meritocracy to prevail.

11. President Paul Biya , a colonial master of
Southern Cameroons sent his secret agents
en civile to monitor the gravity of the strike
and give him feedback. This act was to
disrupt any move for the strike.

12. The students were on campus from the 27-28 but
later forced out of campus when the
the Pro-Chancellor, Prof. Agbor Tabi told them
that they should go to hell or to
any organisation( s) and report. That they(students)
can not change the system that has
been put in place. He told them that he would
call his guys(police) to disperse them.

13. The Honourable Governor of the South West
Province, Eyaya Zanga Louis,from the President’ s
clan(Beti,Ewondo, & Eton) said this was a positive
corruption because the students( from LRC) would have
jobs at the end of the programme.

14. On the night of 29th November, 2006, two(2)
students were shot dead while the following day
another student accompanied others to paradise, making
three deaths. An old mother of above 70years was
murdered by a stray bullet. A taxi driver who took a
hairdresser to the hospital was also killed by a

15. The following people were killed by agents of la
republique du cameroun:
a) Hilary Muebe( was shot at the head) from the
department of Economics.
b) Ivo Obia Ngemba( shot at the mouth) from the
same department.
c) Ngundam Terence Ndeh( shot on the stomarch)
was reportedly dead after a day.
d) A stray bullet killed a mother who was above
70years and
e) the taxi driver above,

16. In the cause of fleeing for safety, six students
died in a terrible bus accident on their way to
Bamenda whose names were not yet known. This recorded
eleven deaths as of now.Ms Mbianda Laura( a
hairdresser) was shot at the neck in her saloon and
Clerence Nkentah( student) whose stomarch was scraped
by a bullet are currently receiving
treatment assisted by Lord Mayor of Buea, at the
Provincial Hospital Annex.
Other victims of this raid were found in nearby
clinics receiving treatment. The mayor in the cause of
carrying a corpse to the mortuary was shot thrice but
escaped with the
corpse to the hospital.

17.Many people who were not students were molested and
properties looted as the case in the bus park at
17mile,Molyko and Bomaka(a nearby village from Buea).

18. It should be noted that the parents of
francophone students called their children home
and none of them participated in the strike.

19. The soldiers of la republique du cameroun were
rejoicing and singing” On a gagner!!!”
meaning “we have won” after majority of the
students flee for safety. They also said
” les prisonniers, entrez dans la maison” meaning
prisoners go to your home.The soldierswere using live
bullet, explosives and tear gas. They were beating
everybody in the quaters.

20. After fierce confrontation between the police and
students whose weapon were stones, the executive of
the Southern Cameroons National Council(SCNC) called a
security officer
whose name is withheld, that the strike was no
longer the students affair but between anglophone
and froncophones. That whenever there was a strike, la
republique use live bullet on us but in their
territory none of that was used. That we have called
all Southern Cameroonians to fight against
injustices and gruesome murder of our citizens.
That we were ready to face any odds to remove
oppressors from our land.

21. The Yaounde regime was immediately informed and
within an hour soldiers who were
sent from Douala and Yaounde were retreating to
their various destinations.


“Human rights are about the curtailment of the abstract and super state power, ie the limitation of absolute power corrupting absolutely”
Julius che, 1997 Buea /


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