Oben Maxwell Letter of Appeal for Mr. Etando Conrand Eta

My fellow compatroit

I wish to draw your attention ,and at the same timerequest for your humanitarian assistance on the deplorable health conditions of Mr Etando Conrad Eta. SCNC zonal cordinator and the interim chair of theSCYL for Manyu division, who is suffering from mental trauma after a torture session from the hands ofrepressive forces of La Republique du Cameroun since
may 2006.
Mr Etando Conrad Eta born in 1977 he is un-employed university drop out.
He lost his father when he wasjust one month old and his mother the same year he wasborn.Mr Entando Conrade is a dedicated fearless and fulltime self employed cordinator for Manyu, and because of his un-compromising possition, he and his comunityhave suffered untold hardship, detention tortured both physical and mentally.

It was during one of these crisis that Mr Etando sustained his brain injury.His or-deal began in May 2006 when he carried food tomember of the Southern Cameroon Youth League (SCYL)detained at the Gendarmerie brigarde Mamfe. He was arrested on the spot, tortured and detained for 3weeks alongside his fellow comrade Mr Tabot William. After which they were transferred to Mamfe Central prison. Upon arrival, they were given another round of beaten, over-powered by the prison officials, with the assistence of some prisonners, their hairs were cut off and Mr Etando was forced to eat his own hairs Which is a taboo to our culture.

Three weeks later, he fell extremly sick in prison and was hurriedly carried and discarded in the hospital. Since then Mr Etando has not been the same personagain. Last month he had an encounter with the sinior-divisional officer (SDO) of Mamfe to legalise his common Initiative group, he was put under pressure to denounce his activities vis a vis the SCNC which he refused, It appears there was some confrontations between the SDO and himself, he was given the beaten of his life by the police which provoked his present situation.

He was taken to the hospital by some good Samaritan because of the ex-orbitant bills he was send out ofthe hospital 3 days after, without any improvement to his situation. right now Mr Etando is living on chains abandoned and chained in one of his late uncle’s compound in Besong Abang.We hereby, plead with all people of good will to come to the assistence of our beloved brother and comerade.

Any body who want to get intouch with him could do so through his brother Mr Tabot Etando.

Telephone number(237) 7196213 or via Oben Maxwell telephone (237) 73294 85.Your humaniterian assistance will be highly appriciated.

May God bless you all.Long live the struggle.
Oben Maxwell.

“Human rights are about the curtailment of the abstract and super state power, ie the limitation of absolute power corrupting absolutely”
Julius che, 1997 Buea

http://www.scylforfreedom.org /southerncameroonsig.org


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