This writer was an eye witness to one of the most horrible incidents marking the beginning of this promising year 2007. As a journalist and an activist of the struggle for the Independence of former British Southern Cameroons,this reporter saw the so-called Cameroun’s New Criminal Code being dashed on the rocks by the agents and forces of La Republique du Cameroun.Here below is a synoptic presentation of the event.= 1:30 P.M.- Activists and journalists assemble in the compound of late Pa Stephen Ndi( housing the office of SCNC;[ at least 250 activists, 7 journalists; the leaders of SCNC and other invited leaders from other groups.]=1:45 P.M. – The Press Conference proper begins with a word from Chief Ayamba, the SCNC Chairman, and a presentation by Nfor.N. Nfor, Vice SCNC Chair…mainly on his recent tours to Asia, Europe and the USA.=2:30 P.M. – As he is rounding up his presentation, a contingent of well armed gendarmes arive the premises and sorround the area…led by the Company Commander for Gendarmerie, Mezam..himself a Southern Cameroonian.= 2:45 P.M.- A journalist of The Post newspaper who was coordinating the Press Conference stands up to give the modalities for the Conference.. .he is hushed down by the “Officer”… who then proceeds to announce that he has been sent to arrest the “activists” At this juncture, Chief Ayamba asks to see the arrest warrant from the State Counsel, according to their so-called new Criminal Code. He presents a letter from the SDO Mezam signed on 20th January 2007( a Saturday). The letter further states that the arrest is ordered on the “Activists”! !!Journalists and many enlightened activists, prominent amongst whom were Stephen Kongso of Kumbo, reminded the Officer that the close to 250 present are all activists and if at all any arrests were to take place, all will go. He was reminded that only the State Counsel has the right to issue an arrest warrant, not an administrator. Moreover, their law prohibits arrests on non-working days. The Officer , who looked embarrased , was given free lectures on their new law and the raison d’etre of the struggle. He had no option but to call the SDO himself.In less than 30 minutes, the 1st Ass. SDO arrived and ordered the leaders to surrender and follow him to the “Station”. This activist reminded the leaders that they were under no obligation to sort out themselves to be arrested. Moreover, everyone present was an activist of the struggle. It were better they used force to arrest them in a private residence than they moving to the streets to be arrested there. This caused Mr. SDO to retreat and later came in with a full force of the Mobile Intervention Squad, the Police, to back up the gendarmes. More vehicles were brought as well.It took the forces close to 45 minutes to arrest some 50 activists who were driven to the detentioncamps.N/B. TORTURES:THE POPULATION HAD GATHERED IN THEIR THOUSANDS AT THE COW STREET AREA AND WERE WITNESSES TO THE BRUTAL TREATMENT GIVEN THE ACTIVISTS, AS THEY WERE BEING THROWN INTO THE TRUCKS.This reporter saw a young gendarme office violently remove the cap of a 70 year old man in the back of a truck, and hit with open palms on his nostrils.Nfor Nfor { I hope I am right here} was seen being hit with the butt of a gun as he was thrown at the back of a truck. The trucks were full, so the other activists decided to follow on foot. This activist/reporter was violently pushed of the veranda where he was taking notes( by our fellow Southern Cameroonian. ..Company Commander for Mezam. He hails from Donga Mantung orBui…details later). The SDO intervened and told Mr. Commander to be careful with journalists. Reason why I am able to give this quick report in a rush. Commentaries are rife on the lips of all. We will be hearing them, as the entire press was there from start to finish.So, what next>>>??MARTIN FON YEMBE reporting live from Cow StreetNkwen, Bamenda. ( Unofficial Please!)

“Human rights are about the curtailment of the abstract and super state power, ie the limitation of absolute power corrupting absolutely”
Julius che, 1997 Buea /

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