Interview with the National Secretary General of the SCYL, Comrade Ayaba Cho Lucas

Conducted by the Public Relations Officer of SCYL Holland

PRO: Mr. SG, welcome to Den Haag, what is the purpose of your visit?

SG: I came to consult with my colleagues of the SCYL, shore up their branch and to sell the message and strategy of the organization for the year 2007.

PRO: What message did you bring along and would you qualify the mission as a success?

SG: The mission has been quite successful. I met a dynamic branch with a strong leadership that demonstrated during their meeting a strong sense of purpose and an unwavering determination to wreck the system that has held our dreams and aspirations in captivity. As concerns my message, it is nothing different from what we have conceived in the past years. I will not duel into the tactical and strategic issues of my message but in a nutshell I came with a message that addresses both diplomatic as well as military issues.

PRO: How would you assess 2006 from the SCYL perspective and what is the message for our people for the year 2007

SG: 2006 has been a particularly violent year in the history of our campaign for a sovereign and independent homeland. We witnessed bestiality at its peak in the University of Buea. We witnessed unarmed students gunned down at close range. Indeed, as a former student of that university, it breaks my heart to watch the generation that is suppose to set the Southern Cameroons on a collision course with economic and political advancement treated with such carnage. We also witnessed the execution in detention of a brave and determined fighter. Pa Tete was an ardent supporter of the principles of the SCYL and when every man of his aged cowed in the face of the options presented by my organization, he organized his constituency and prepared them for battle. He was captured as a fighter, he died as one and for this our people are grateful for his sacrifice. My message to our people for this year is one of hope. Our people should continue to resist in what ever way possible. From Ndu to Buea, resistance remains the only antidote to this violent occupation of our land. And in the end analyses, the Southern Cameroons is ours and the SCYL leadership will do everything humanly possible to shift the political equilibrium to our favour in the year 2007

PRO: Your message sounds particularly different from the one being preached by other organizations which calls on our people to wait for UNPO, Banjul or the UN

SG: What did UNPO or Banjul or the UN do when students of the University of Buea were being killed? You see, it is treacherous to ask a people not to defend themselves in the face of such violent attacks. I understand your question is referring to the stance being taken by the SCNC and SCAPO. The SCYL has good working relations with SCAPO and I have had long sessions with Dr. Gumne on ways and means of advancing the struggle and can’t remember at any moment when he mentioned Banjul as a possible rescue option. Though we disagree on some basic issues, the SCYL and SCAPO see eye to eye on the question of self-defense. As concerns UNPO and the message of the SCNC, I will disagree fundamentally with these octogenarians. They should return to their villages, raise crops and shut up. The Southern Cameroons was admitted into UNPO and not the SCNC. And if examples are to go by, Taiwan as a member of UNPO is building one of the most sophisticated military in Asia to fend off any Chinese attack. East Timor got her independence through a combination of long years of resistance and liberation diplomacy.

PRO: Ten years after the incidences of 1997, the SCYL has remained silent on what happened. Can you without revealing anything tell us what happened?

SG: I will be traveling to the US in the coming months and for the first time in ten years the top three brass of the organization will meet. We will review 1997 from an organizational standpoint and only then can we issue a statement.

PRO: Was the SCYL responsible for what happened in 1997?
SG: No comment!

PRO: You just talked about a trip to the US, is the purpose of your trip to attend the Dallas conference being organized by the SCNC Southern zone US chapter?

SG: The purpose of my trip is to consult with Southern Cameroons activists and asked for their support for our plan of action for the year 2007. I will also want to use it to meet some dynamic persons who have been very supportive of the SCYL. I will like to get to thank them personally and ask them for more support. I will also want to have consultations with members of the Interim government and most importantly to have the top brass of the SCYL meet and agree on the details of the difficult mission we have set for ourselves this year. As concerns the Dallas conference the SCYL has not received any official communications from the organizers. And our participation or non participation if invited will depend solely on the outcome of pre-conference discussions and agreements. I gather there are some positive thinkers involve but any conference that does not seek to adopt the method of self-defense as a viable option is not worth our official participation

PRO: You just talked about meeting some individuals, can you shed more light on who these individuals are?

SG: No I will not mention these persons by name. As concerns Mr. Nfor, the policy of the SCYL has not changed. I will not meet Nfor any time soon before he retracts from calling the actions of the SCYL as terrorism. He must also stop using some individuals in the field to put my comrades in harm ways.

PRO: Can the SCYL defeat LRC on its own without the support of others:

SG: Yes. It might take longer, but we are going to defeat LRC as an organization or coalition with others. We face them as students without any support and defeated them. Despite the fact that we don’t make public statements, activists of the SCYL have continuously challenge the occupation in small scale operations

PRO: Was the Mungo bridge incident one of such operations?

SG: I held a meeting on operation intestine in Victoria in 2004, paid the cost and 24.00hrs later the intestine became rubble.

PRO: Has the SCYL made some diplomatic contacts and what were the outcomes?

SG: The SCYL has done more diplomatic offensives than any movement that purports to believe in diplomacy as a means of securing our independence. Even while in jail, the SCYL chairman reached out to the world than most of us close enough to foreign capitals. I have met the British, Americans, South Africans, and Nigerians. I have talked with members of the EU, visited the Norwegian foreign ministry, spoken with the Belgians, Nigerians. I even met the former Vice president of the DRC, Mr. Azarias Rubewa, the former president of Burundi, Piere Buyoya, minister of information for Sudan, some Eastern European members of parliament. And the message from these individuals especially the Africans has been “…we understand your plight and pain but you must go get your freedom like others have done and only then shall we come to your support…”. The Nigerians even chastised us for cowardice.

PRO: On another note, Mr. SG, do you believe there will come a time when the different movements will reconciled and decide to have a unique leadership?

SG: No. This is impossible because of the intractable differences that have plagued our relationship. These differences sometimes do not stem from different approaches; rather they are born out of what we want. I want freedom and I do not care how it comes. But the question we must ask ourselves is whether these do nothing for generation that has brought confusion in the mindset of our people really want freedom. I guess they are interested in power and they are strongly convinced that by virtue of their ages they have an unquestionable mandate to lead our people. I don’t see myself only as a leader in the SCYL but as a leader of our people and I have no doubt our people will lend us their support as they have done before. Maybe there is a way to manage these conflicts or transforming them for our mutual benefit but resolution is out of the question. We should also understand another fundamental issue here. While they die in hospitals and we carry their caskets on our shoulders and give decent burials, we die on the streets of Kumbo, Bamenda, Buea and in the jails set up across the length and breath of LRC. We remain the leaders of our people and if they don’t understand peacefully, we will make them understand violently

PRO: What message do you have for the leaders of LRC.

SG: I am a soldier and I don’t communicate with LRC through the internet. This is the most murderous political system that the French have implanted in our continent and they don’t understand scripted languages. They know how we communicate with them and they have been getting the message. They will understand in the nearest future that if those piecemeal doses we administered were not lethal enough to knock them out, we will be blinded to what conventions and treaties may say about the rule of war.

PRO: What is your final message?

SG: To our people is an appreciation for their relentless effort in making sure the final chapters of this sad saga is written in their favour. Our people should also know that we are doing everything humanly possible to speed up that day when freedom will be ushered in but without their sacrifice and willingness to defend our land, homes and streets we will run this race in vain and the blood of Julius Ngu Ndi, Patrick Yimbu and others death and those in jail must have been spilled in vain.
To the occupier, I want them to know that, henceforth everybody will be a target and we will make no
distinction between their interest that supports the occupation and the forces that enforce the occupation.

For the SCYL,

Comrade Konfor Ignatius Ngebe
SCYL Information Service ,
The Netherlands

“Human rights are about the curtailment of the abstract and super state power, ie the limitation of absolute power corrupting absolutely”
Julius che, 1997 Buea /


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