SCYL Reaction on the Arrest AND Detention in Bamenda

Comrades in arms,

The SCYL has closely followed the event in Bamenda that led to the disruption and arrest of some SCNC Activist and do hereby issue the following statement.

That La Republique du Cameroun is a system that was noutured, educated ,assimilated and brainwashed to always please its master and thus will never give up voilence which she sees as the only tool to continue her occupation.

That la republique du cameroun will prefer to rule monkeys and palms in the Southern Cameroons than embraces negotiations or resolutions of our people or the UNPO,Geneva or United Nations.

That The UN and part of the EU and AU are the root of thesame system we believe in and hope upon for rescue.

While the SCYL wishes to congratulate and appreciate the efforts of the convenors of the press briefing in Bamenda for the purpose of education and information,

While the SCYL sympathises with the action that had occured on the ground and calls for a united front to uproot the regime in occupation;

The SCYL decres as follows:

That true fighters and those who believe in true freedom and sovereingty should adopt without delay and with sincere spirit and committment the 2007 SCYL Military plan of action.

That only a military response to la republiques exceses will be an equilibrium retaliation to such provocations.

That we should be prepared to match voilence for voilence, arrest for arrest,and bullets for bullets.

That until we will be able to show and prove to la republique du cameroun that we can take control even for our backyards only; intimidation, arrest and torture will never end.

That we Southern Caeroonians can be in-charge of our own businesses without rushing to publish resolutions and appeals to the UN and UNPO who in themseles are unable to solve thier problems.

That the military option is now the only option and language la republique du cameroun understands.

Until we shift our priority from pleading for our leaders to be release whenever they are arrested, and take the responsibility in releasing them ourselves, then we are centuries still away from self-determination.

Until we make The Southern Cameroons ungovernable and excluded territory even to our own enemy brothers, then only God will grant us independence on a platter of gold.


Thank you ALL

International Secretary,
SCYL International Secretariat

uman rights are about the curtailment of the abstract and super state power, ie the limitation of absolute power corrupting absolutely”
Julius che, 1997 Buea /


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