SCYL Code of Conduct


We, the members of the Southern Cameroons Youth League otherwise known as The League operating in the Diaspora state for our country, the world and ourselves:

-That, The League is an Organisation founded with the sole purpose of using every means possible to liberate the occupy territory of the Southern Cameroons that was formerly under the mandate of the United Kingdom;

-That, because our people had been cultured with values consistent with democratic principles, and that such values have been altered by the occupying administration, The League will seek to establish a country founded on the principles of democratic tolerance and civil liberty;

-That, The League will seek to establish a developed state where power shall basically rest on the will and mandate of representatives of the developed assemblies and by their development will contribute to the prosperity and greatness of the nation;

The Southern Cameroons with its boundaries traced by the League of Nations is an indivisible political unit.


Article 1: General

The name, emblem, motto, membership, rights and obligations shall be in accordance with the founding principles laid down by the Founding Fathers.

Article 1.1 Name: The name of the Organisation is Southern Cameroons Youth League abbreviated as SCYL. It is otherwise known as The League or Youth League.

Article 1.2 Emblems: Emblem of the S. Cameroons and SCYL.

Article 1.3 Motto: The motto of the SCYL is Total and unconditional independence.

Article 1.4 Membership: Membership is open to every Southern Cameroonian male and female and friends of the Southern Cameroons who believe in the unconditional independence of Southern Cameroons.

Article 2: Every member of the SCYL shall be prepared to participate in the arm resistance against the forces of occupation and their proxies within the Southern Cameroons.

Article 3.

Foreign Positions and Responsibilities

3.1 International Secretariat:

The international secretariat otherwise known as the IS shall be headed by the International Secretary or IS and assisted by one deputy otherwise known as the Deputy IS who shall not be resident in the same country as the IS.

3.1.2 Eligibility

Those eligible for this position should have shown unwavering commitment to the SC struggle and shall be full members of the SCYL.

3.1.3 Functions of the IS

The IS shall be the Head of the International Secretariat and shall command the following responsibilities:
He /she shall coordinate the activities of the resident representatives or their executives in places where such exist.
He/she shall receive monthly reports from resident representatives or their executives on the state of these countries.
He/she shall oversee the resolution of internal disputes only if such disputes cannot be solved by the resident authorities.
He/she shall issue on behalf of the SCYL certifications about members of the SCYL in consultations with the resident representatives where they exist and directly in consultation with the Secretary General where they don’t exist.
He/ she assign such duties as may be necessary to facilitate his/her work to his deputy or any other resident representative as may be necessary.
He /she shall make publications on issues arising from the occupation in consultation with the National Executive.
He/she shall submit written quarterly report to the National Secretary General on the state of the International secretariat and such recommendations as shall be necessary to improve on the role of the SCYL under his/her jurisdiction.
He/she shall is a member of the National Executive Committee (REHCOCO).

3.2 SCYL Department of State

The SCYL department of State shall be headed by the Head of the DS and shall be called the DS.

3.2.1 Eligibility
Those eligible for this position must have a notion on revolutionary diplomacy and must be an avowed member of the SCYL.

3.2.2 Functions of the DS
He/ she shall coordinate diplomatic initiatives of the various countries and make follow-ups whenever necessary.
He/she shall conduct such diplomatic moves as to inform the international community on the merit of our struggle and seek such support necessary to advance The League’s vision of an independent Southern Cameroons.
He/she shall coordinate directly with the resident representatives, chairpersons of branches and shall inform every deputy head of missions (Ambassadors) about any diplomatic moves within their jurisdiction which are not their initiatives.
He/she is accountable to the IS and shall sit in REHCOCO meetings.

3.3 Missions

The Missions shall be headed by the Deputy Head of Missions known as the DHM or otherwise called the Ambassadors.

3.3.1 Eligibility

Those eligible for this position shall be Southern Cameroonians, independent or member of any of the other Separatist Movements who strongly believe in the right of our people to defend themselves and shows no animosity and hostility towards any other grouping.

3.3.2 Functions of the DHM
He/she shall be the diplomatic representative of the Southern Cameroons people within a Nation state or its dependencies.
He/she shall be the resident representative in countries where an executive is non-existent.
He/she shall report matters of diplomacy to the DS and matters of structure to the IS.
He/she shall submit written reports to the IS in the letters effort at presenting an accurate picture of the State of the IS.
He/she shall represent the SCYL and the struggle in such activities as may be necessary to present the state of the struggle and other matters of courtesy.
He/she may be co-opted to sit in REHCOCO in particular circumstances.

3.4 Country Executives

Country executives shall be set up in every country where it is possible and shall be the sole responsibility of the members of the SCYL in these countries. The DHM might help to set up such executives where they are present otherwise the Deputy IS shall work to establish such executives.

3.4.1 Functions
The members in accordance with the Laws of the country shall determine the Functions of such executives.

3.5 International financial Secretary

The International financial secretary otherwise known as the IFS shall be the Head of the Finance department of the International Secretariat.

3.5.1 Functions
He/she shall seek and receive financial data and such funds as shall be agreed upon by the IS and resident representatives or executives and shall coordinate, document and keep such financial records of the International Secretariat.
He/she shall collect such finances as stipulated in above from the various sources and shall submit such to the International Treasurer who shall keep it on behalf of the Organisation.

3.6 The International Treasurer

The International Treasurer otherwise known as the Banker shall act as the banker of the Organisation.

He/She shall seek, receive, keep and disburse such finances of the Organisation as shall be within his or her jurisdiction.
He/she shall demand such finances from individuals and groups, be they part of the IS or other socio-cultural groups and keep such in the name of the Organisation and only after haven submitted such records to the IFS.
In the case of the lapse in duty of the IFS, the Banker shall assume such role, keeping at every stage a financial record as may be necessary.
He/she shall sit in the REHCOCO.

4 Settling of disputes

Every member shall maintain the utmost respect for one another and shall address one another by their positions. Every individual in a position of responsibility shall maintain a high degree of integrity.

Every dispute within a jurisdiction shall be settled within that jurisdiction in the most amicable fashion possible.
Any dispute that cannot be solve by executives shall be submitted to the IS for adjudication.
Such disputes that cannot be solve by the IS alone shall be submitted to a special committee that shall consist of the DS some or all DHMs, The banker and the IFS for deliberations. This of course is the last instance of disputes arising from misunderstanding, abuse of power or other issues within nation states or their dependencies.
All disputes concerning finances that cannot be solved within nation states or their dependencies shall be submitted to the Desk of the banker who shall make every effort to solve such and shall seek to consult with others especially the IFS for help.
Every charge brought against a DHM, IS, The Banker, IFS or DS by country executives or any of its members shall be handled by the Chairmen or women of these Nation States or their dependencies. When such cannot be resolved, such charges shall be submitted in writing to any member of the REHCOCO.
Blackmail with the aim of discrediting an individual in consequence bringing shame to his/her position and the image of the Organisation shall be considered with utmost disgust and anyone found liable to such tendencies shall be reprimanded. This does not mean, that individuals cannot be criticised or condemned but such condemnation must be done with cordiality and respect for one another.

For the Southern Cameroons Youth League
Akwanga Ebenezar.M.Jr.

National Chairman

“Human rights are about the curtailment of the abstract and super state power, ie the limitation of absolute power corrupting absolutely”
Julius che, 1997 Buea /

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