The London Declaration



The European Leadership of the SCYL and SCNC-UK met for a two day coalition building talks in London (September 29th –October 1st 2007) and formed the Southern Cameroons Europe Coalition with the aim of uniting the forces within the continent of Europe for the prosecution of the independence campaign. The Coalition of SCNC-UK and SCYL agreed to work together in a spirit of honesty, focus and respect for the fundamental position of each group.

The Coalition agreed that decisions on major policy issues concerning our struggle for a separate homeland, shall be agreed upon base on momentary majority and the principle of consensus that reflects practicable reality with a well thought out mechanism of implementation. The Coalition Observes with utter dismay:
That Her Britannic Majesty has used the Common Wealth and the Foreign Office to issue numerous derogatory declarations absorbing her sad responsibility patterning to the plight of our people in the economic, social-cultural and political realm.

The Coalition empowers the Department of Diplomacy to explore every means to force the United Kingdom to reverse this standpoint and assume her responsibility and take active steps towards addressing the present political impasse prevailing over our homeland The impunity, recklessness and heavy-handedness with which La Republique du Cameroun has been prosecuting and maintain the occupation and empowers the department of defence to explore every avenue in the defence of our people, our land and our way of life.

The distortion of facts, manipulation of international public opinion by the occupying regimeand empowers the department of Press and Communications to leave no stone unturned in the education of our people and international institutions on the facts of history and the brutality of the occupying regime. While recognising the efforts of the different movement and our people, the Coalition calls for unity on purpose and determination in our resistance against occupation and our fight for a separate homeland.

We extend our appreciation to all Southern Cameroonians and sympathisers in the Diaspora, especially in France, the UK, Belgium and the bravery of Southern Cameroons citizens in the occupied homeland in their continuous defiance of the occupiers. Our people should understand that the fight against oppression is long and tedious but no matter the suffering the price and sacrifice for freedom is worth it. The Conference further endorses the following:

That henceforth no decisions, audiences, proclamations, representation and or contacts should be negotiated or pursued by any (individual or group) without due endorsement or clearance from the committee set up by this London Declaration.

That the committees elected and endorsed by the peoples representatives and the General Assembly of the said conference from date on is the only legitimate institution authorised to speak on behalf of the Southern Cameroons.

That all the leaders of the SCNC should keep their house clean and united for the good of the Southern Cameroons. Also, that they should within a time frame of one year call for general election to pave the way for serious and genuine business.

That diplomatic meetings and conference where Southern Cameroons is a participant can be attended by delegates in the Diaspora to avoid the excess spending to fly leaders from the Southern Cameroons which could be diverted to alleviate the plight of our people.

The conference also endorsed a Plan “B “which is a fall back point giving that diplomacy must be pursued by the threat of force and remains the only fall back point should diplomacy fails. Conference participants agreed our people have the right to defend themselves in the face of an attack or continues occupation.

The conference also endorse the need to have an in-depth investigation into the continuous crisis in the University of Buea and also on the attitude of some Southern Cameroons leaders; and southern Cameroonians who continue to endorse occupation.

The Conference also put into place a finance committee to vigorously pursue the raising of funds.

The Conference General assembly came out with the following persons to pilot the different committees set up at the London Conference. They will also serve as the peoples representative and voice.

The Following committees were formed to effect follow-up and action

Administration and Planning & Co-ordinator:
B: Committee on Finance:

Press Secretary:

Defence Committee:


These persons from date of publication will pilot the actions on behalf of the Southern Cameroons representing the different Movements who are bonded by this declaration and her adjoining actions and decisions.

February 9-11 2008 has been set for as date for the next Southern Cameroons Conference and will be held in the Municipality of The Hague in the Netherlands. All Southern Cameroonians and organizations are Welcome
Done in London October 1st 2007 Press SecretaryAstebom Alfred Forminyen

“Human rights are about the curtailment of the abstract and super state power, ie the limitation of absolute power corrupting absolutely”
Julius che, 1997 Buea


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