RESOLUTIONS [ The Hague Southern Cameroons International Conference February 9-11, 2008

Conference resolution-The Hague International Conference 2008

The European Leadership of the SCYL and SCNC-Belgium met for a three day coalition building talks in The Hague (February 9-11, 2008) and agreed to strengthened the Southern Cameroons Europe Coalition with the aim of uniting the forces within the continent of Europe for the prosecution of the independence campaign. The Coalition of SCNC-Belgium and SCYL agreed to work together in a spirit of honesty, focus and respect for the fundamental position of each movement.

The Coalition re-affirmed that decisions on major policy issues concerning our struggle for a separate homeland shall be agreed upon base on momentary majority and the principle of consensus that reflects practicable reality with a well thought out mechanism of implementation. The Coalition Observes with utter dismay:
That Her Britannic Majesty and France are using the Common Wealth, the Foreign Office, the Francophonie and military presence in Bakassi and Africa to issue numerous derogatory declarations absorbing their sad responsibilities patterning to the plight of our people in the economic, social-cultural and political realm. The coalition also castigated the regime of La Republic du Cameroon on her continuous Human rights and economic abuse on Southern Cameroonians; and also in her attempt to destroy the University of Buea which she has turned into her battle ground.

The Coalition empowers the Department of Diplomacy to explore every means to force the United Kingdom and France including the EU to reverse this standpoint and assume their responsibilities and take active steps towards addressing the present political impasse prevailing over our homeland, The impunity, recklessness and heavy-handedness with which La Republique du Cameroun has been prosecuting and maintaining the occupation. The Conference also empowers the department of defence to explore every avenue in the defence of our people, our land and our way of life.

In relation to the distortion of facts, manipulation of international public opinion by the occupying regime, the Conference empowers the department of Press and Communications to leave no stone unturned in the education of our people and international institutions who wish to listen on the facts of history and the brutality of the occupying regime.

While recognising the efforts of the different movement and our people, the Coalition calls for unity on purpose and determination in our resistance against occupation and our fight for a separate homeland. The conference did recognise the work of the SCNC but challenged its leaders to initiate dialogue and avoid blackmail as a show of strength. The conference challenged SCNC Europe to follow the foot steps of SCNC Belgium by building bridges for the good of our Homeland. Special words of encouragement do go to the Secretary General of SCNC Belgium and Mr Sama of SCNC Belgium for their brilliant presentations.

We extend our appreciation to all Southern Cameroonians and sympathisers in the Diaspora, especially in South Africa, the UK-who could not attend due to visa problems, Belgium and the bravery of Southern Cameroons citizens in the occupied homeland especially the leaders and the students of the University of Buea in their continuous defiance of the occupiers. Our people should understand that the fight against oppression is long and tedious but no matter the suffering the price and sacrifice for freedom is worth it. The Conference further endorses the following:

The conference did challenge the English Press to be true ambassadors of change rather than serving as hungry men and women ready to be manipulated by any with hand outs for personal goals.

The conference re-affirmed the decision taken at the London conference in September 2007 that, no audiences, proclamations, representation and or contacts should be negotiated or pursued by any (individual or group) without due endorsement or clearance from the other movements in an effort to maintain uniformity.

That the committees elected and endorsed by the peoples representatives and the General Assembly of the said conference remains the legitimate institution authorised to speak on behalf of the Southern Cameroons in Diaspora Europe.

Problems slowing the process of independence

– Lack of confidence between the movements (mutual distrust)
– The various movements are sceptical of one another
– We make our differences between factions more important than the objective of attending freedom
– Lack of honest diplomacy in the sense that, despite the fact that we have agreed to believe in diplomacy, we should not blackmail others who opt for force (real action) to make their desire for freedom felt. Thus preaching forceful resistance as the SCYL or SOCADEF do should not be regarded as extremism as seen by some.
– However, we should not give away the idea of the force of argument, thus mutually agreeing that we will assist each other so long as the aim is geared towards achieving independence.

Assessment of the struggle at home

-There is need to rebuild the structures entirely .New coordination, real representatives for good accountability and good action in every region. This assessment was done based on a very recent and detail report made by a team sent to the territory for an assessment of the situation on the ground (this report is available in scripts and video).

We however acknowledge the efforts made by certain organizations like the SCNC, SCYL, in their attempts to revamp this situation. However,
-lack of a networking committee to keep the people informed as to the evolution of the struggle, (poor circulation of information) remains a big problem

How we should identify ourselves in Diaspora

-Constant education should be put in place in reminding comrades to always identify themselves as Southern Cameroonians under every circumstance. This obliging host country to involuntarily join the struggle.


On the Recently formed British Southern Cameroons Government, the conference praised Professor Carlson Anyangwe on his address to conference participants that was read by the International Secretary of the SCYL Julius Che. The conference also recognised his efforts made since the inception of this struggle and acknowledged him as a true friend of the struggle and real fighter (the only old guard still in the cause). However, the conference cautioned him not to allow himself being manipulated by the head of his secretariat and a host of others.

The conference did challenge the Interim Government and that of the BSC to come out of mere rhetoric’s by embracing the weapon of SOCADEF championed by the SCYL and Diplomacy championed by the SCNC, SCAPO and AMBAZONIA for meaningful ground action capable of freeing the Southern Cameroons.

On Immigration issues

The conference realised there are many in the Diaspora who have used the struggle to gain refugee status, turn and nick-name those who stay faithful to the cause loiters. Says was high time to sound a bell loud enough to those who have been exploiting the struggle that the time of reckoning had come and that most of them will be exposed to their host countries. Conference says not only does this attitude destroy our cause, but also kill the chance for those who really need protection fleeing from trouble to have one. Was recommended that the SCYL will make request to refugee councils across Europe and North America to determine those who have gained from the struggle. That the various refugee offices will work hand in gloves with the SCYL and SCNC to ensure the implementation of the above agreed resolution.

The conference also came to the conclusion that blocking chances for genuine Southern Cameroonians who really need protection was wrong and as such was determine to assist those in real need.

The conference participants also empowered the finance committee to explore all avenues in raising funds. As was said, no true or real change can ever be achieved and or sustain without resources.

The conference did also call on the SCYL to renew its National executive council in an effort to give it real representation since for some time now; some positions were vacant or inactive

SCNC Belgium was assigned as the next Host for the forth coming International Conference which will be holding in Antwerp or Brussels as from the 29th September- 1st October 2008.

Done in The Hague, the Netherlands
February 2nd, 2008

Julius Che
Conference scribe.

“Human rights are about the curtailment of the abstract and super state power, ie the limitation of absolute power corrupting absolutely”
Julius che, 1997 Buea /


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