SCYL Install North America Executive

The Southern Cameroons Youth League (SCYL) leadership installed and commissioned the movements¢ North America Coordination on Sunday March 23, 2008.
In a solemn ceremony bringing together Southern Cameroonian youths and disgruntled Southern Cameroons veteran activists in the Washington and State of Maryland vicinity, the participants pledged to redouble their commitments and efforts towards the total and unconditional independence of the Southern Cameroons as has been elaborated by the roadmap of the SCYL leadership.

Taking place under the guidance of the SCYL Chairman Comrade Ebenezer Derek Mbongo Akwanga and its Secretary General Comrade Ayaba Cho Lucas, the meeting elected Comrades Nelson Mbangah as the SCYL Coordinator for North America, Edwin Kamara as Administrative and political secretary, while Comrade Augusta Gwanvalla was raised to the office of treasurer.
Lambert Mbom was elected to the post of Public Relations and Organizing secretary.
The assembly equally endorsed Comrade Divine Ajong as coordinator for Texas region, Stephen Agbor Ebang for Illinois.

Mudoh Mansfield and John Fomunyoh two elders in the struggle, gave fatherly advice to the youths guarding them against asylum racketeering, an ill which according to Pa Mansfield has helped to discredit the SCNC.

The SCYL maiden meeting ended with an ¡American Auction Sale¢, with an SCYL ¡T¢ shirt selling for $200.

The National Secretary general departs the US tomorrow after three weeks of intense SCYL and State activities.

National Press and Communications Secretary

Martin Ngang

“Human rights are about the curtailment of the abstract and super state power, ie the limitation of absolute power corrupting absolutely”
Julius che, 1997 Buea /


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