From left to right: Nfor Ngala Nfor (Vice National Chairman of the SCNC), Mr. Jack Lantum (Pioneer Chairman SCNC /SCYL Netherlands coalition), Mr Wete Henry Sebastian (Member SCNC /SCYL Netherlands)

Mr Wete Henry Sebastian born on the 07-11-1971 is a Southern Cameroonian and an active member of the SCNC /SCYL Holland Bureau. He was arrested at the Schiphol International Airport some seven years ago and was later granted political asylum in the Netherlands on merits of his case as a refugee fleeing pursecution from the Southern Cameroons.

However, his request for a permanent status as a refugee under the United Nations convention was later denied and for about seven years going, his case has suffered so many rejections and he was later expelled from the asylum centre.

He later moved to The Hague, where he has been living from hand outs from fellow Southern Cameroonians and the Catholic Church.

In 2006, a certain Dutch socio-medical therapist in the name of Arie van der Zwam after a careful study of the case did advise the Dutch immigration department (IND) to reconsider Mr Wete’s application base on his medical problems. The advies even went further to requested an abode for Mr Wete in one of the waiting centres but was never implemented.

Some two , weeks ago, The International Secretariat of the SCYL learnt that Mr. Wete Henry Sebastian has been arrested by the Dutch immigration Police and he is currently on a deportation role.

Mr Wete Henry Sebastian has for the last seven years been an active an contributive member of the SCNC / SCYL Netherlands Branch. His determination to fight the regime in Cameroon has not only been based on his open demonstrations and petitions here in the Netherlands, but has been felt on the many souls and sympathisers he has enlisted for the Southern Cameroons cause.

One such open petitions was the demonstration infront of la Republique’s Consulate in The Hague where names and photos of SCYL /SCNC protesters were secretly sold to the then Consul General Mr. Ateba in which he later forwarded to the foreign ministry, police Delegation and the Gendarmerie Headquaters in Yaounde.

An urgent action and appeal is needed from Southern Cameroonians at Home and in the Diaspora to abort the repatriation of Mr. Wete Henry Sebastian. The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation (UNPO) and the UN Human Rights Commission, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International should take note and act immidiately.

Mr Wete Henry Sebastain faces the risk of arrest, torture and eventual detention if he were to be repatriated to La Republique du Cameroun.

Your appeals should be addressed to the Dutch Minister for Immigration. www.justitie.nl,

The Secretary General of the House of Representatives of the States General Mr. J.E. Biesheuvel-Vermeijden (e-mail: j.biesheuvel@tweedekamer.nl,

Honourable Jan de Wit of the SP @ 0031703183044-FAX: 0031703183803 or e-mail @ : kamer@sp.nl ,

Lawyer v/d Paslot : +31487512181, Fax +31487516060,

The SCYL International Secretariat: +31621993396

Your urgent action will make the difference in saving a fellow citizen without a nation, but being forced to accept the nationality of his occupiers.

Representing the Southern Cameroons People
SCYL International Secretary

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