Detained Rebel Leader Vows To Topple Biya Regime

Friday, May 01, 2009

By Kini Nsom

The self-proclaimed leader of a rebel group, the Movement for the Liberation of the People of Cameroon, MLPC, Liman Oumate Malloum, currently in detention in Yaounde has vowed that he will seize power from the Biya regime .

Liman Oumate, who hails from Mayo Sava Division in the Far North Region, was arrested in Marazaine Hotel in Maiduguri on April 22, in a security ruse mounted by the President of the National Assembly, Hon. Cavaye Yeguie Djibril and Vice Prime Minister in charge of Justice, Amadou Ali.

”I will topple this government in two years. Nelson Mandela of South Africa and Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria went to prison before taking over power in their various countries,” the rebel leader is quoted to have said after his arrest.

Doctors are said to have examined the man and concluded that he is mentally sound

Liman shot into the limelight last January 23 when he distributed tracts in the villages along the Cameroon-Nigerian borders, notably Kouyate and Kizi Kerawa in the Kolafata Sub-division of Mayo Sava Division.

Written in English, the tracts called on the Cameroonian authorities to quit power. The rebel leader declared that the deadline for him and his forces to take over power and name a new government was April 30.That dream was thwarted when he fell into the security dragnet last April 22.

According to L’Oeil Du Sahel, a weekly newspaper published in the North, Hon. Cavaye and Amadou Ali tricked Liman into the dragnet of security agents when he asked them to give FCFA 300 million to drop the struggle. The duo used two middlemen, one Brahim Blama and Bakoura who agreed with the rebel that the money would be delivered to him on April 22 in Maiduguri.

On April 21, Cavaye and Amadou Ali sent the MP for the area, Hon. Abba Malla to Maiduguri accompanied by an agent of the secret police in Kolafata and one soldier with a sealed letter to the Governor of Borno State in Nigeria. In reaction, the Governor, Ali Sherif Modu, put at their disposal elements of State Security Services, SSS.

Accompanied by the intermediary, Brahim Blama, the rebel leader was in the Marazaine Hotel sipping a sweet drink. The people in the company of the SSS presented to the rebel leader a brief case filled with bread, with some FCFA banknotes spread on top of it. They invited the man to take a look at his money.

As he stepped away leaving his glass of drink, the Cameroon secret police reportedly doped his drink. When the rebel leader returned and sipped his drink once more, he slumped asleep. He was later bundled and packed into a car. Reports say the security men searched him and did not see even a toy gun on him. All they are said to have seen was a Cameroonian passport and 1,975 naira that is equal to FCFA 5,750.

It was, however, reported that Nigeria Security Service along the border raised another problem near the frontier village of Amichide. They argued that the arrest violated the Geneva Convention because extradition agreement exists within the two countries. L’Oeil Du Sahel reported that the argument was finally resolved at about 8 pm. One of Cavaye’s aides gave the elements FCFA 2 million. The rebel leader was brought to Yaounde.

Source: http://www.thepostw ebedition. com   

Julius che, 1997 Buea /

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