UK MP welcomes Asylum Seeker Deportation Delay

UK: MP Welcomes Asylum Seeker Deportation Delay

Stockton North MP Frank Cook has welcomed the decision to delay the deportation of an asylum seeker who could face death if he is returned to his native Cameroon.
Anselme Noumbiwa has lived in Stockton since 2006, when he fled from the West African country.
He claims he was tortured and faces death if he returns because he refused to marry his dead father’s wives.

Mr Cook called on Immigration Minister Phil Woolas to halt the deportation, due to take place on Friday, so the latest evidence in the case can be considered.
He said: “Quite rightly the plight of Anselme has caused enormous concern in the Stockton area, especially amongst his many friends in the local churches where he worshipped before being taken into detention prior to deportation.

“I have made the strongest possible representations to the Government about the need to reconsider the deportation decision.

“If he were to be forced back to Cameroon, it would be a disgrace and a shocking betrayal of our long-held tradition of providing comfort and shelter to those facing persecution, torture or worse.”

Originally published in the Northumberland Gazette
See also: Deported African chief Anselme Noumbiwa back in North and Someone Please Explain why Mr Noumbiwa needs to be outside Cameroon, let alone in the UK?

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