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Paul Biya of Cameroon
Since the Nuremberg trials that convicted Nazis and fascist war criminals for war crimes, the international community has grapple with an international legal regime that will deal with egregious human rights violations. Adhoc criminal courts were set up after the Yugoslavia and Rwandan genocide to try individuals for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. The current trial in the Hague of former Liberian president Charles Taylor for crimes committed during the Sierra Leonan civil war has also demonstrated international commitment to the respect of human rights and against impunity. The coming into force of the Rome Statutes of the International Criminal Court in 2002 to which La Republique du Cameroun is a signatory has strengthened in a very significant way the accountability regime of the international community.

In the past forty eight years of the annexation of the Southern Cameroons two individuals have been at the helm of La Republique du Cameroun. These two individuals have been responsible for all the crimes that have been committed in our land. This project seeks to prove that systematic acts of torture in the Southern Cameroons has been masterminded by Paul Biya Bathelomew Bi Mvondo as head of state of La Republique du Cameroun. According to the 1972 Constitution (amended in 1996 and 2008)

 The president is empowered to name and dismiss cabinet members, judges, generals, provincial governors, prefects, sub-prefects, and heads of Cameroon’s parastatal ( about 100 state-controlled) firms, obligate or disburse expenditures, approve or veto regulations, declare states of emergency, and appropriate and spend profits of parastatal firms. The president is not required to consult the National Assembly. The judiciary is subordinate to the executive branch’s Ministry of Justice. The Supreme Court may review the Constitutionality of a law only at the president’s request (US State Department, March 2009)

This unprecedented authority has made it unlikely that systematic torture in the Southern Cameroons is not authorized or condoned by Paul Biya for the purpose of territorial aggrandizement. Systematic torture is a crime against humanity under Article 7 of the Rome Statute of the International criminal Court (ICC) and by rewarding people like Oben Peter Ashu after the 1992 Ndu incident, Peter Agbor Tabi, Bell Luc Rene, Peter Abety and others with Governorship and ministerial appointments Paul Biya Bathelomew Bi Mvondo made himself culpable according to Article 25(a,b,c and d) of the Rome Statute of the ICC for atleast complicity in the crime of systematic torture.

We appeal to as many victims as possible to fill out our questionnaire to enable us enable us navigate complex areas of credibility and methodology in the compilation of our facts.

Follow this link and partticipate in this historic questionaire:  [tell us your story]

torture in kumbo


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  1. C N F says:

    Thank you dear brother. Together we shall continue this arguement of liberation and the results will be positive at the end

  2. simon says:

    My dear brothers God shuld give more power t free us in the hands of this devil i hope one day we will be in a free and independent suthern camerooms that Foncha sold tpo the LRC

  3. Julius Che says:

    like to receive comments notifications

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