A Portion of Douala Central Market consumed by Fire

 Editorial: An Act or human error? Time will tell.

By Julius Che

In what council authorities and the untouchables of the CPDM always want us to believe, Douala is just a tip of the iceburg. We all know that the financial and calendar year is done and Embazzelers must always look for a way to put state accounts either on a minus or zero.

Putting the market or a section of it ablaze will mean some contribution from the tax payers money mounting to millions of Franc CFA for re-construction. It may also mean some loan or grant from one of the colonisers who feel flattered, sympathetic or know where to reep back.

However, there is just one loser in a show where all is set to profit. This is the poor store boy who may be i debts from a credit union loan or has just put the entire land property of his parents on mortgage to start up a business that never was. Since the society was carefully crafted void of any guarantees in the name of insurance compensation scheme, he has to bare the entire burden and may even be thrown behind bars on force premise that his negligence was the course of the fire.

Despite all, he has to repay the loan and bear the cost of the lost which will be felt by no other than his entire family who are going to go without food nor shelter.

Small wonder why Biya must go. Any society without any form of checks and balances is doom to die but how many will bear the cost of their wickedness before they go.

Webmaster/ Publisher: Southern Cameroons Information Service-The Netherlands.

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