Prison Graduate Pa Zacharia Khan passes on

Pa khan zackaria Ndifet was arbitrary arrested in march 1997 with several southern Cameroonian following a plot by La Republique Cameroun exterminate southern Cameroonians .It should be recalled that many southern Cameroonians were tortured , killed, arrested and rendered homeless as elucidated in the killings and destructions of homes in Oku-Bui county.

It ended with an illegal state of Emergence which gave Occupation forces and agents of La Republique du Cameroun act on Southern Cameroonians with impunity.

After severe torture Pa khan Zackaria and others were transferred to yaounde kondegui maximum prison where they were sentence to several jail terms as a result of politically motivated charges. This Jail terms were described by the international community as a miscarriage of Justice. Their case was filed at African commission of Human and People’s Right in Bangul, The Gambia .

torture and terrorism in the southern cameroonsDownload PDF Doc.

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