Cameroon-a fragile state

Africa Report N°160 25 May 2010 Cameroon: Fragile State

Cameroon’s apparent stability in a turbulent region cannot be taken for granted. The co-option of elites through the distribution of state largesse, and the emigration of many educated young people provide a certain safety valve for tensions, but Read FurtherAfrica Report on Cameroon


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  1. stephen says:

    i love the speach given by the sectary of the scyl. we have to know our enemies, we must practise our own religion.radically if we have to achieve our freedom.we have to standup firm, we can from the kurds ,the palistanians,and other freedom fighters in other parts of the world brothers and sisters. if you dont feel it , you dont get it. be strong where ever you are my people, we will achieve our freedom.meanwhile the strougle continues.

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