2 Cameroons talks suspended

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Government notice no 2010/09

CAMEROON-AMBAZONIA TALKS SUSPENDED Talks to implement the judgment of the United Nations Human Rights Committee (UNHRC) in the case of the exiled Ambazonian Leader Fon Dinka -v-Cameroon have been suspended. Through that case, the United Nations affirmed that law 84/01 restored the two nations to the original status quo as mutually sovereign and as legally independent of each other as they were before their merger into a Union in October 1961 and therefore exposed the fact that the occupation of Ambazonia by the Republic of Cameroon is illegal (which the Cameroon High Court HCB/28/92 calls an act of continuing aggression).

The UNHRC held this illegal occupation of Ambazonia by Cameroon as the situation which forced the Ambazonian leader into exile; and demanded an effective remedy to the situation (i.e., an end to Cameroon occupation of Ambazonia). The judgment was delivered in March 2005. The Fon’s lawyers led by a Privy Councilor; the Rt. Hon Lord Peter Goldsmith (Britain’s Attorney General in Tony Blair’s government) had written the Cameron government last year calling for implementation of the UNHRC judgment. After months of silence the Cameroon government instructed the Cameroon Ambassador in London, Hon Nkelle Ekane to open talks with the Fon’s lawyers on modalities of implementing the judgment.

After a few meetings at the Cameroon Embassy which were very cordial and in which there was exchange of notes, the Cameroon Ambassador decided to suspend further talks immediately after the 50th anniversary of Cameroon independence celebrations. No reason has been given for the suspension but it is understood that Yaounde has been very upset with the drama which the United Nations staged during the 50th anniversary of Cameroon independence celebrations.

The President of the 64th session of the UN General Assembly, Dr. Ali Abdussalam Treki presented Paul Biya with the map of the former United Nations Trust territory of French Cameroon as the map of the country which international law calls the Republic of Cameroon. Yaounde blames Fon Dinka for providing the UN the chance to express itself with Public Acts affirming that the entity called the Republic of Cameroon is French Cameroon and nothing more.

Such public acts include:

(i) Annan Bakassi Peace Accord in which Paul Biya committed himself and government to respect the territorial boundaries of his country, Cameroon as obtained at independence.

(ii) UN surveyors’ exercise of building pillars marking the international boundaries separating Ambazonia from Cameroon; and now the Map drama. Cameroon is said to be working out a process of naming an Anglophone for Vice President so as to empty the SCAPO case at Banjul of its contents; a case which is against marginalization and discrimination within their country called Cameroon.

Tanyi Ojongmboh Ambazonian Consul General for North America

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