J.B. Ndeh To Foot Biya’s Electoral Bills

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By Peterkins Manyong

CPDM militants of Santa are planning to pay the caution fee for President Paul Biya for the 2011 presidential election. Not only will Santa register massively to vote for Biya, but are prepared to pay his caution fee after he would have been endorsed during the party’s upcoming congress. The caution for a presidential candidate is FCFA 5 million.

According to a CPDM insider, the Mezam II Section President, John B. Ndeh, MIDENO Director General, is prepared to pay the money alone if the other militants won’t cooperate. The Post gathered that the announcement about the caution fee will be made during a conference to be held in a few weeks’ time to also distribute CPDM uniforms to militants so that they can come out in prodigious numbers and welcome the Head of State when he visits the Northwest.

Contacted for comment, Ndeh was upbeat: “Is that not great? That shows that we love our President and will go all the way to support him.” He recalled with pride that Santa championed the move for the 2008 constitutional amendment. Ndeh said he had already distributed thousands of pieces of CPDM party fabric and will be distributing more. He did not, however, say when the previewed conference will take.

Reacting to the plan, SDF National Chairman, John Fru Ndi, mocked Santa CPDM and the idea of paying caution fee for Biya. “That sounds a great idea. But what happened to Zaccheus Forjindam who championed the idea of revising the constitution? He was arrested soon after and has been in detention since,” said Fru Ndi.

According to him, Forjindam’s detention is a punishment for him for having blocked the chances of an ambitious, power hungry and powerful Bassa/Beti mafia that wanted Biya out of the way. “If not, why is Forjindam still being kept in detention despite the lack of evidence to incriminate or sentence him?” the SDF Chairman quipped.

Fru Ndi added that Biya is helpless before the mafia detaining Forjindam. If it were easy, he would have ordered for his release because it is the same Forjindam whom he praised as one of the best managers. Fru Ndi warned that those planning to pay Biya’s caution fee may end up like Forjindam.


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