Another Muna, another sell out

Map of the Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia)
Image via Wikipedia

From the Political  Punch

Another Muna, Another Masquerade to Undo Southern Cameroons. The subterfuge, reminiscent of traitors and double agents is on play
once more in the grounds of the Southern Cameroons. A Muna, yes, another Muna has dared Southern Cameroonians once more in another
attempt to bury the Southern Cameroons’ dream forever. Coming barely a few years after a certain lady, Ama Tutu(whatever it means) Muna
declared that her father, the established quisling of Ahidjo and France never expressed any remorse as to his double-crossing misdeeds,
here comes another of these Munas, a certain Bernard Muna. He had to liaise with a certain Hilaire Kamnga who caused the death of Le..Read Further Political Manoeuvers in Cameroon

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