Southern Cameroons mourns again

Kumbo cathedral and its suroundings
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By Lucas Cho Ayaba

Fourteen years ago, Pa Tafon who rejected loyalty to dogmas that was maintained through fear, and deceit to embrace the liberation agenda of the SCYL that put country over Movement allegiances is no more. He has before his dealth, revolved his militancy around the spirit of the Bamenda Proclamation and London Communique, and the right of our people to defend themselves in the face of brutality. He lived a Patriot and has died a Patriot, and for his selflessness, dedication and support to the Southern Cameroons, we of the SCYL are indebted in gratitude for his life.

Like many of our compatriots, he  escaped to Nigeria for temporal sanctuary. His death has added to George Shiynyuy from Kumbo, Celine Ngum from mankon, of those who initially sort refuge in Nigeria and this brings to 35 the number of SCYL activists already killed in action.

The SCYL also wish to bring to the attention of Southern Cameroonians that Edwin Limfunyuy an ex -Nigeria refugee, who was later arrested after returning to the Cameroon has been transfered from the Bamenda central prison to the Kumbo prison some two weeks ago after spending a few days at the Bamenda General hospital.

Pa Tafons life of obscurity and dedication over populism should serve as an example to all those in the Southern Cameroons who truely believe in independence. His transition should be a time of reflection and rededication to the goals for which he lived and died for, but never achieved. The promise the SCYL made to them on 30th November 1996 shall be kept.

The SCYL will be represented at his burial by its field operators from Njottin.


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