FonDinka’s address to Ambazonia Republic


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Today 10-10-10 marks twenty years since the proclamation formalizing the restoration of the independence of our country as a sovereign nation of AMBAZONIA was signed by me. THE NATURE OF OUR STRUGGLE has been to add diplomatic recognition to the legal recognition our country has. The legal recognition Ambazonia has stems from domestic as well as international lawTHE DOMESTIC LAW includes:

a)      The demise of the Union (called United Republic of Cameroon) and the automatic resurrection of the French Cameroun and English Cameroons that had been rendered extinct by the merger of 1st October 1961 read furtherFon G. Dinka’s address TO THE NATION AND THE PEOPLE OF AMBAZONIA

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  1. israel nangou chiwah says:

    With time we hope the Yaounde regime will recognised our government of Ambazonia republic in exile.May god help and guide our liberation officers alongside its lawyers.
    From Babba 2 village,santa.

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