24 years old killed for celeberating Oct.1 in Cameroon


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A young motor-bike taxi man was last October 3rd beaten to death by the barbaric ‘gendarmerie’ officers who are occupying the territory of Nkor Local Government Area in Bui County in the Bamenda Zone of Southern Cameroons.

The young man, CHIFON Andrew, 24, was reportedly making very exciting remarks about the success story of October 1st 2010 in the area, when an informant hinted the gendarme officers who had been posted to the area to ‘forestall’ any Southern Cameroonians manifesting any signs of ‘commemorating’ the October 1 Independence dream. Days after the D-Day, these hawks were still lingering around the Lassin community, to extort monies from the traders and villagers who buy and sell at the strategic Lassin area. According to eye-witnesses, Chifon Andrew was negotiating with a client on a possible trip to Kumbo. While doing so, he quickly conceded the offer from the customer, with the excuse that he will join his comrades in Kumbo to celebrate the success of the Southern Cameroons Day that just passed. In less than ten minutes, it is reported, two trigger-happy gendarme boys landed on Andrew, and began by asking him to present his documents. When Andrew did, they insisted that a certain document( names available only in the terrorist language-French) was not valid! So, they demanded that he “pays” the sum of CFA 500frs to be free.

As Mr. Chifon tried to explain to them that he was not even understanding the French language, and as well that he was still negotiating a trip to Kumbo before procuring any monies, they dragged him off the bike, muttering some slangs in very coarse and rude French. They kicked, punched and the helpless youth on the head, ribs, abdomen and chest until he bled to near-death, while the rest of the few who were around stood dumbfounded with what was going on. As some plucked courage and rushed to Chifon’s rescue, it was too late as the nearest health centre, in Djottin ( owned by a religious denomination)was too far to rescue the life of young Chifon Andrew. It should be recalled here that barely seven months ago, a similar incident took place at the Small Mankon neighborhoods in Bamenda when two police officers, ( all Francophones) landed on an Okada boy- Motor-taxi man, and beat him to death for refusing to “ give them CFA 500 frs”. The young boy of the same age as Chifon Andrew, called Emmanuel, from Baba 1, had fought very hard to defend himself, but the two police officers of GMI resorted to shooting him on the ribs. His body was paraded round Bamenda town and finally buried in his Baba village in Ndop. There is something in common with the two assassination cases. Both were ripe youths of 24, and trying their hands at this motor-bike taxi. Both are “A” Level- High School graduates who have no means to go to the University. Both represent the age group and generation of Southern Cameroonians that are very seriously being targeted by Yaoundé for elimination. Of course, this is the active group that might dare threaten the occupational forces of LRC. These are the ones who were targeted in February 2008 for annihilation.

If the international community does not want to settle the plight of Southern Cameroons with this her simplistic “Diplomacy” of non interference, the world should be ready to face an explosion of an unprecedented case of reprisal from the youths of Southern Cameroons anytime when the pot is full. The pot is already full by now, we dare say! The battered body of Chifon Andrew of Lassin, Nkor LGA in Bui County of Southern Cameroons.

The brutal GMI police  Tarine only to kill and extort monies from poor Southern Cameroonians!This young Southern Cameroonian was burnt with petrol in Buea LGA when he as well refused to give a “bribe” to the police. Another Southern Cameroonian beaten to death at the Small Mankon neighborhood in Bamenda last March, 2010.

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