Cameroon at the brink of disintergration

Editoial By Petronilla Nchang and Achu Tamba Chi Muluh

Hypocracy and treachery as the world stand by and watch Mr. Biya slam Cameroonians on the face with his self-proclaimed “The Peoples’ Call”. While there are strong signals that Mr. Biya is intensionally moving to Bamenda on the 29th November 2010 with the aim of causing a genocide through a military distabilization, some hypocates and so -called elites have joined Biya’s moving train in telling the world that Cameroon has no other person to pilot them than 86 years old Biya who could barely support himself. In order to stiffle the Southern Cameroons case and give Bamenda a bad name, the actors of an impending calamity carefuly crafted out Bamenda as the battle ground for David and Goliath. The town three weeks before the hatch coup is already on emergency laws.

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Third edition of “Paul Biya: The Peoples’ Call” launched The 3rd Volume of a collection of motions of support addressed to the President of the Republic, titled “Paul Biya: The Peoples’ Call” has been launched.

The launching ceremony took place at the Yaounde Hilton Hotel with a cross section of top government personalities and representatives from the business world in attendance.

Presiding over the launching, Prime Minister Philemon Yang said these messages of support indicate that Cameroonians have resolutely taken a stand to give President Biya another mandate in the 2011 presidential elections.

The publication was launched at a time when Members of the ruling CPDM are making consistent calls for the Head of State to stand for next year’s presidential elections.

Volume III of the book is a 300 paged document with a prologue by the Prime Minister, prefaced by the Secretary General of the Central Committee of the CPDM, write-ups by Ministers and post face by the Director General of SOPECAM; all underlying the need to see Paul Biya stand as the CPDM candidate for the 2011 election.

The publication comes out four days before the 28th anniversary of President Paul Biya’s accession to the Supreme Magistracy. (


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