Bamenda braces for another genocide

By Petronilla Nchang

Freelance Journalist and Social worker,  reporting from the Bamenda- Mankon airport

Biya en route to display the military power of Francophone Cameroun in Bamenda

Because of the weakness of the SCNC and the internal fighting in the SDF, Biya wants to steal another show in challenging Bamenda as he did for Douala at the 1992 presidentials “Mez voici don a Bamenda“. At this visit, his new terror machine code name the rapid intervention force will be presented to the land for change “Bamenda chop fire” as the country braces up for 2011 presidentials and the Banjul verdict.

Fear has gripped most segments of the North West Region since then following the announcement by President Paul Biya on Friday December 04, 2009 that the 50th anniversary of the national armed forces in Cameroon will be celebrated in Bamenda. Those who are blinded to the sufferings of the anglophones hail the cacophonic decision by the Head of State, President Paul Biya as another milestone in the history of the region, saying it would lead to more development initiatives in the locality. They did not only recall the great strides that the North West witnessed during the Agro-pastoral show and the CNU Congress of March 1985 which led to the transformation of the CNU into the Cameroon Peoples’ Democratic Movement in Bamenda, but are  pointing out to various localities that have hosted the anniversary of the Armed Forces in the country. Perse Koutaba hosted the 30th edition while Ngaoundere took its turn for the 40th anniversary. Bamenda for the end of 2010 is well pre-meditated as both the forces of change, the SCYL and the occupying forces prepare to show case their strength ahead of 2011 which is considered to be celebrated as liberation year for the Southern Cameroon

However, this announcement has since then been effected by a continous torture of innocent citizens of Ambazonia. An unannounced state of emergency has also grip the entire province (region), while the uncompleted Mankon International airport has been transformed into a bee hive of military mideocracy and bufonnary.The Southern Cameroons however, has remained steadfast to its mission of an unconditional independence, and reports from the SCYL headquaters in The Hague is confident 2011 will official reap the umbillical code of annexation 50 years after an international conspiracy, promoted by Great Britain and sponsored by the United Nations.

Talking to Julius Che, the International Secretary for the SCYL and human rights activist, he said, as Biya is trying to justify the regimes conspiracy of 1997 which was slammed upon the SCYL by making another provocative visit to Bamenda amid tension of mistrust, the SCYL is fully prepared and will not allow Bamenda and the North West Region to be draged into another battle ground, which to him, is already under emergency rules and a time bomb waiting to expode into another Rwanda or Darfur.

Che said Biya’s visit to Bamenda, is seen and considered by the SCYL as the visit of any foreign head of state to the Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) and Biya’s visit is just one of them. He said Biya is not welcomed to Bamenda, although he is free to visit Bamenda even without an authorised visa.


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