AFRICA – the land, AFRICANS – the people, and AFRICAN – the heritage

Map of the African continent.
Image via Wikipedia

By Valentine Che, Freelance Journalist & Civil Rights Advocate

I look at Africa from three related but different standpoints – the land, the people and the heritage. Africa as a geographical location has more often than not been widely misrepresented by the occidental media. Documentaries on Africa predominantlyfeature neighborhoods with malnourished children and animals, violence and despair and atotal state of societal decay. These images flood the TV streams, newspapers and even books usedin learning institutions for infants and pupils. It isnot then surprising to see African American fifth graders as well as Caribbean and Antillean kids distancing themselves from Africa at such an early age. Don’t blame them; they, like children everywhere, want to spare themselves the ridicule. Images that you see at an early age, storiesyou’re told at school and documentaries you watch on TV are very hard to part from when you…read further Africa, the land of…. by Valentine Che


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