Cameroun presidential hypothesis

Paul Biya at US Embassy 2006
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By Julius Che

As President Biya’s Kangaro parliament hurry up over a bill tabled by the government for a revision of the already modified 1996 Cameroon Constitution that will see a re-instititution of the post of Vice President of the Republique of Cameroun, Biya’s visit to Bamenda has unravelled into another dramatic twist of uncertainty following the death of his talisman and commander of the “Rapid Intervention Unit” who happens to be a Jew.

Cameroon for the last 5 years has remained ungovernable after speculations and heated rumours first surfaced over the presidents death when he was on a medical retreat in Switzerland. Since the events that later exploded linking the president of Cameroon in faking his own death, the issue of a chattered Presidential plane which almost fell into the Atlantic ocean on the President’s private outing to France has further widden the political landscape of Cameroon creating an administrative vacuum, as Biya  following his interview with France 24 says he was ready to send all his enemies to jail.

While the ghost of former president Ahidjo and lake Nyos are already anticipating a sick president’s future, Biya is now more than determined to avert any retribution. He is ready to fill in the power vacuum especially at the top if he was to leave power ceremonously or unceremonously. If the present status-quo were to be maintained following certain constitutional arrangements, the president of the National Assembly Mr. Calvaye Yege-Gebril will ascend to Power as acting president of Cameroun paving the way for a Nord alliance royalty which may provoked the nightmares of April 4th, 1984. To go by the saying that is better to have the enemy you know than the brother you do not know, the vice presidency will pave the way for another constitutional arrangement even if it is an Anglophone. With such arrangements, another electorial farce through ELECAM, will bring in another Bulu or Beti to the thrown even by the barrel of the gun given an Anglophone minority both in the administration and Military.

Biya’s best weapon colonel sirvan of Israel is gone leaving behind his rapid intervention unit with only what they know best, a high proficiency in extorting money from traders and drivers, the raping of young girls,  married women in the towns and villages of the North West and South West regions in which they are most activie in anticipation of Biya’s 50th anniversary visit to Bamenda and in preparation for the 2011 already rigged presidential elections.

It is common sense why a highly reputed Phelomon Yang who is Cameroun’s Prime Minister will so cheaply commit journalsitc plaigarism by broadcasting to the World that journalist should assemble at the Yaoundé Hilton Hotel because he was about to lunch a book. At press time, it was discovered that, the so-called book lunch press conference had been transformed into another CPDM “Ndi-ma-bo-la” hymn of about 300 pages of ghost motions of support to an already 80 years old President Paul Biya who has been at the helmn of power for 28 years.

Biya’s political manoeuvers and manipulations is driven by the fear factor that has characterised other African regimes who are now spending their last years in the Hague at the International Criminal Court. This has made him to consider transforming the Republic of Cameroun into the Kingdom of Cameroon where he can create a Royal hereditory empire in which he will be crowned its First King (emperor). This uncertainty about the uncertain has been aggravated by China unwillingness to accept Biya if there was to be a military coup or a civilian revolt from the ballot box even though Biya is a bonafide citizen of China through naturalisation.

As the people of Bamenda quietly awaits his triumphant home coming which will be compared to nothing than a visit of the queen of England to India, his every word will be analysed as the Anglophones brace-up for Buea come October 2011 to officially end 50 years of colonialism and annexation. “Yes we can”


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