The Albatros, a political genocide in Cameroun

Cameroon President Paul Biya and his wife are ...
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After Yve Micheal Fotso was wrapped into an unseated four wheel drive Toyota pick-up truck from his Douala residence heading for the Yaounde Judicial Police headquarters in Yaounde, the hand writings were already clear on the walls that Biya was now prepared to sacrifice everything just to stay in power. This is common sense because his own nephew in the person of Jean Marie Atangana Mebara was already serving some time at the Yaounde Maximum security prison on charges of embezzelment.

However, the truth behind the well cooked-up story of embezzelment, lies in the Albatros affiar involving a bought Russian 3 class aircraft for a presidential plane that almost say the presidential couple of Cameroon to their graves when it malfunctioned mid way the Altantic ocean on its first ever flight to France. At this time, Atangana Mebara was Secretary-General at the Presidency of Cameroon while Yve Michael Fotso, son to Cameroon’s Billionnaire tycoon and Mayor of Bandjoun was the Director General of The Cameroon Airlines Comapany (CAMAIR)

Biya has since becoming president created more enemies to himself than friends because of failed or broken promises. Within the “Esseingang” dynasty that sew the coup which outed former President Amadou Ahidjo for Paul Biya as president sponsored by France former President Francois Mitterrand, there was to be a retotive presidency amongst the dynasty members in which Titus Edzoa who is now serving a 15 years jailed sentence on framed up corruption charges was next to the throne after Biya. It did not happed and when Titus Edzoa became frustrated for Biya’s betrayal, he gave his votes and those of his clan men to opposition leader John Fru Ndi of the Social Democratic Front. He even invited Fru Ndi to his Nsam residence that angered Biya’s Bulu dynasty because Titus has been Biya’s personal physician (Doctor) for about 15 years then.

Afraid of what has happened to Edzoa, Professor. Joseph Owona who was third in common gave up his position within the circles of clan leadership and was toasted by Biya from one ministry to another when ever there was plenty of cash in the said ministry as compensation for his collaboration and loyalty.

President Biya though a sickly as a result of age and fatigue but unwilling to leave power, played a smart one by faking his own death while at a Swiss hospital in Zurich undergoing medical examination. It was not long before Biya discovered that his real enemy is not the much publicised Bamenda man and John Fru Ndi of the SDF, but his own clan’s men including military generals, ministers and his own child, the then secretary General at the Presidency, Mr. Jean-Marie Mebara Atangana. Using the Titus Edzoa and Jean Irean Biya’s tactics, Biya hurriedly benefited from his receipts of payments and the Albatros incident which just unfolded to brand all of his potential rivals as embezzellers of public funds. Many people will be peplex by this accusation because even Omar Bongo of Gabon before his death said if God were to reverse fortunes by asking him were he would be happy as president, he will choose Cameroon because his colleague President Paul Biya of Cameroon is a living legend and ex-prelate turned Billionnaire in a country made up of peace loving people and land of plenty.

Biya’s only hope and stragegy to kill and finally bury the “essengang” maffia materialized as he finally had the opportunity to throw the remaining board members of the cult into jail thereby transforming his much loved legacy from la Republique du Cameroun to the Kingdom of Cameroon. Biya knew he could not really pave a smooth path with a Bamenda man as Prime Minister, reasons why he hired first Maphany Musonge and then Enoni Ephraim  to sing his “ndi-ma-bu-la” as Cameroon remains ungovernable to facilitate ‘mission accompli’.

Poor Fonjindam Zachus of Chatier Naval and Yve Michael Fotso were coarsed by fake medals of honour to make them believe to be the new dailing of the president. Reason why Fongindam put in  all his enegy and expertise to tarnsformed Chantier Naval into a multi-billion company with expansion anticipated in Limbe, Yve Michael Fotso, the son of a CPDM darling and business magnet even withdrew private fund from his father’s CBC bank in Cameroon to revitalised CAMAIR and turned it into a competitive company again. During this same period, the former Director of taxation who is richer than the president Mr. Polycap Aba Aba facilitated the imprisonment of the Director of the Treasury and the Director of PTT Mr. Ningo, while his own wife who was the paymaster of the ministry of PTT was on a fake sick leave in France.

With Chantier Naval and CAMAIR now back on track after having been revampt by the enemies of the state since they are both considered to come from the 10th and 11th provinces, Fonjindam and Yve Michael Fotso were immidiately implicated into a smear campaign under the disguise of corruption. Fondjindam took Chantier Naval froma 100.000frs CFA company and turned it into a multi-billion company. Yve Michael Fotso took over  an already crumbled CAMAIR and transformed it into a competitive company with money from his fathers bank. What these two nationalsit failed to understand was that, they are not considered part of la Republique du Cameroun. Fondjindam is an Anglophone and considered a secesionist, while Fotso is considered a Bamelike with Anglophone decent.

Coming back to the Albatros, since Michael Fotso was director of CAMAIR at time of purchased and since the Albatros had to be certified for road and air worthiness by the engineers of CAMAIR. Eventhough believed to be innocent with the plot to have the president blown off at mid air through an air accident becuase of the occilate nature of the Albatros which was presented as new, it was just the right moment to give the Bamelike’s who are considered to be the financieers of the SDF some lessons. Fondjindam’s attempt to open a cement and deep seaport in Limbe was also considered by the Doualas, Bulus and Ewondus as an attempt to reep them of the Kribi and Douala costly and unsuited political ports.

Since it was difficult to find a direct link between Fotso Michael and the Albatros because he neither controled the money for the purchase of the plane nor was he in-charge of supervision for its worthiness, it took the regime sometime to cook up framed charges against him. Finally, they had one on the 2 of December 2010, accusing him of embezzelment of public funds despite his offering up of his french affluent life style just to come to Cmaeroon to salvage CAMAIR. Finally, he did on the 2 of Deember, 2010, joined the Engo’s, Mebara’s, Munchipo’s, Fondjindam’s to compose the club of the rich and affuent now behind bars, but still in command and control of the country’s wealth.

The arrest of Yve Michael Fotso is just the right signal to tell the former Prime Minister of Cameroon, Mr Enoni Ephraim that the dark clouds are already sorrunding him as he is in principle on the way to Kondengui prison to complete the Albatros club which was directly under his supervision. The question now is, when, but all is eminent that his name will go down in history as Cameroun’s first prime minister to be thrown behind bars.

As the scene unravells, we shall keep you abraised.


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  1. thanks for this post! really interresting!

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