Fru Ndi meets Biya in Bamenda

Flag of Cameroon, 1961-75
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By Kiyete Yvonne and  Julius Che

After  20 long years, a natural and normal culture almost deemed impossible, was made possible. John Fru Ndi, Cameroons major opposition leader and Chairman of the Social Democratic Front Party (SDF), met with President Paul Biya of Cameroon at the Presidential villa at upstation Bamenda. Fru Ndi who swore he could only meet Biya with the participation of a neutral body or person, and Paul Biya who considered Fru Ndi an enemy fit only for the Maximun Security  Jail at Kondengui all had to change stand and tactics at the last moment to accomodate one another. To Biya, this may seem an endorsement of his 2011 candidacy and for Fru Ndi, is an act necessary to avert war for the common interest of the Cameroonian people.The meeting of Cameroons two political giants is worth appreciating, but what these two leaders forgot to consider or to re-consider after this meetings was the growth of another political force in Cameroon capable of upsetting the political landscape come 2011. The deliberate act of Biya to shawn the Southern Cameroons question after Banjul is bad for the country. While Biya may pretend to consider Fru Ndi as an Anglophone whom he feels may tame any revolt because of his presidential ambitions, what Biya forgets to know is that Fru Ndi does not speak or represent the Southern Cameroon then and today.The presidentials of 2011 have been turned into a laughing machine given the steam it has generated within the divide and rule doctrine sponsored by Biya and his regime. However, this has and will never change the mind set of a formidable clamour for an unconditional division or secession if you wish come 2011. While Biya has secretly endorsed the end of September or early October 2011 to be the appropriate period for a presidential election in Cameroon, the Anglophones and Southern Cameroons do welcome this dibious intention because it will set the necessary ground for a clash of the titans. As Biya is carefuly planning to turn the political scene into a blood bath with the intention to hide under his 1990 Laws for maintaining public order and his so called national intergration, Southern Cameroonians are also set for its independence declaration.Biya has come and gone, but the military presence in the city of Bamenda and environs has not mitigated despite a high rise in banditory and rape cases believed to be orchestrated by members of the rapid intervention unit. Hundreds of people still languish behind bars arrested on grounds of disrupting public order or deem a danger to the president because of their Southern Cameroons feelings. Ten’s of them remain unaccounted for amomgst whom is Petronilla Nchang who was reported missing even since a police hunt after her was established.

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  5. blaise says:

    i was very impressed about this visit but my problem is must it be Biya or Fru Ndi? That’s something we have never thought of.
    think about that.
    thanks Blaise from Bamenda

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