Lessons from Mr. Biya Bamenda visit

Armed Forces Day Celebration
Image by DVIDSHUB via Flickr

By Ofege Ntemfac

From December 4, 2009 to December 7, 2010 – one full year since Mr. Biya announced his so-called Army Day, all of the territory, the Northern Zone especially was under a state of Emergency. A visit by Queen Elizabeth herself or even a George Bush sally into conquered Iraq could not have raised that much preparation and hassling of the population by the Biya army of occupation.

The regime moved troops to Bamenda, which soldiers in uniform and plain clothes spent all year through harassing and intimidating the population. The entire North West region was all but declared a warzone, a police state and placed under emergency laws.

While the newly-created brigade d’intervention rapide fanned out right into the villages to terrorize the populace the feudal pro-consul governor of the region, Ahmat Abakar, banned all public and private gatherings and manifestations, declared a dawn to dusk curfew and reinstituted the caler-caler or military mass arrests of groups of citizens for no apparent crimes.

“We are catching (arresting) bad citizens in the town,” said Leon Ongolo, a Biya tribesman and provincial chief of public security. Up popped the governor to give the Bamenda dog a bad name. “Bamenda is a very violent town,” the governor Abakar declared on Equinox Television. Read further Mr Biya Extreme Provocation Final

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