Dwellings in Cameroon
Image by ConanTheLibrarian via Flickr

By Kebila Fokum

The Northwest Fons and the Decadence of Tradition, A Messenger Publication


The once revered traditional rulers in the Northwest are today in disrepute. The traditional institution is at the crossroads. The integrity, nobility and dignity that were the hallmarks of traditional rulers of yore have been thrown overboard by a new breed of rulers who speak and understand only one language: money. The insatiable quest for money by traditional rulers has given birth to royal killers, royal dealers, royal drug barons, royal thieves and royal beggars. Traditional rulers can be seen palling around with armed robbers; they confer title of notability on celebrated embezzlers, and professional crooks. Most fons in the Northwest have sold their soul to the devil.
They need deliverance. The fons have forgotten that character is the foundation stone upon
which one must build to win respect. Just as no worthy building can be erected on a weak foundation, so no lasting reputation can be built on a weak character. A solid trust is never derived from a sordid character. Read further  Credible traditional rulers wanted


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