Susungi’s dreams to replace Biya at Etoudi

Contribute to Change in 2011  by Dr. Nfor Susungi

The declaration which I made recently for the presidential elections of October 2011 is a major decision from which there is no turning back.  I tried to be as clear as possible in explaining the motivations for taking this crucial step at this point in time.  There are many people who will take the view that this is just another candidate who is trying his luck.  I can assure all Cameroonians that if I did not believe that I can win,  I would not have done it.  I am therefore committed to make history in Cameroon in October of 2011.

I am campaigning on the platform of change and succession with a different approach.  Many candidates have talked about change without telling you exactly what we are changing from and what we are going to change into.

In my declaratory statement I posed a long list of rhetorical questions.  I am sure that at the end of that list, you had a fairly good idea of what we are changing from.  I have prepared a very comprehensive document which is entitled: Newcam Prosperity Pact.  This document is a set of ideas and proposals on constitutional, political and economic reforms and programmes which when implemented will let you know what we are going to change into.  I am very confident that no other candidate is going to propose to the Cameroonian people a platform comparable to the Newcam Prosperity Pact.

The Newcam Prosperity Pact is the vision of a future that my generation will not even live to see and enjoy because it will take 10-15 years for us to begin to see the results.  I am already a man of 63 years old and I am not sure that the God Lord will allow me to see the fruit of the vision which I have laid out in the Newcam Prosperity Pact.  It is therefore a future for our children and our grandchildren.

You owe it to future generations to do something about it.  Not everyone has it in them to abandon the comfort of anonymity to go and stick out their neck like I have done.  Do not think that this is Dr. Nfor Susungi’s problem.  It is your problem and it is our problem.  Do not sit on the fence.  Stop complaining.  Stop wasting your time writing petitions.   All you need to do is give me your support.

A campaign such as the one that I have embarked on needs a lot of money.  A lot of expenditure goes into communication, travel, logistics, office space, office equipment, newspaper ads, billboards, staff support etc. etc. You can support by sending your contribution to the following account:

Code Banque: A0032

Code Guichet: 01008

Compte No: 05021700006

Cle Rib: 57


Domiciliation: Bank of Africa Cote d’Ivoire

Bénéficiaire: Nfor Nwayuke Susungi

We ask anyone who makes a transfer to the account as a campaign contribution to kindly send a message to the email address below to inform us of the transfer. This will eventually allow us to send you a note of thanks and recognition. Messages sent to this address will help us to establish a database of contributors to this campaign for all practical purposes. This data base will be kept confidential. Please address your message to:

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