Southwesterners Split Over Motion Of Support For Biya

By Ernest Sumelong

A rather well-intentioned forum organised for the unity of the people and development of the Southwest Region ended in almost disarray, when a disgruntled faction of the participants staged a walk out, fuming over the issue of motion of support crafted for President Paul Biya.

An embittered faction of the mammoth crowd that attended the All Southwest Forum on Saturday, January 29, walked out of the Pensioners’ Hall at the National Social Insurance Fund at Mile 17, when they claimed that the Forum was virtually transformed into a political rally by elite mostly from Yaounde. According to them, the Southwest elders were presenting a false resolution by the people by crafting a motion of support for President Biya instead of issuing a strong-worded memo articulating the problems of the people.

Against a general belief that the resolutions of the meeting would articulate the worries and aspirations of the people, rather a motion of thanks to and support for President Biya was read out to the chagrin of many. Many were vexed that the forum had deviated from its initial goal, and that those who had wished to speak were hushed. Read further Southwesterners Split Over Motion Of Support For Biya


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