Corruption and embezzelment in Cameroun

Yaoundé, Cameroon
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Catherine Abena released: a “sparrow hawk” victim with a difference

Catherine Abena, former Secretary of State in the Ministry of Secondary  Education is out of after spending approximately 13 months in jail.The condition under which she has been released has not been clearly stated.
Some media reports indicate that all charges against the former Minister have been dropped while few others affirmed that she was released on bail.
The Catherine Abena case is however peculiar; she is the first sparrow hawk big name to have been released after being detained and secondly she spent most of her detention time in hospital.
Few days after her arrest, she went on hunger strike and her health immediately became a cause for concern.
She was taken to the Yaounde Central hospital where she was under very close medical and security surveillance.
The former Secretary of State at the Ministry of Secondary Education was arrested on 8th of January 2010 just six months after she was sacked from government.
She was Secretary of State between 2004 and 2009.
Pamela Bidjocka, Editor

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