Why President Paul Biya must go


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  1. Alain Marc CHOUPE says:

    Dear brothers and sisters cameroonians, let be united and follow the same goal which is to chase the criminal and dictator Biya from the power in our country. Let dont expect help from anyone to do it, we have to do it by ourselves and without any fight, war or killing. Let also pray for other people in trouble as ivoiry-coast, Lybia, Syria…and wish them to find enough strength to chase their dictators from power.

  2. Fany says:

    @Vanessa i fully agree with you on the divided nature of Cameroonians, the fact that the so called Biya is orchestrated by people who have stayed abroad for long and are ashamed to come back home and others seeking for refuge abroad and that we do not need to copy Egypt. But where I disagree is when you advice better strike strategies, we do not need to strike.

  3. Vanessa Serih says:

    Have you ever seen a situation where enemies will join together to fight a single person? Cameroonians are not united by themselves. They are faced with tribalism and segregation. Between French and English, Southwest and Northwest, East and West, Central and Littoral, and within the tribes, they don’t love each other.
    I know the two reasons for this so call Campaign “Paul Biya must go”
    1. From those who have stayed abroad for so long and are ashamed to come back home because of where and how they will go and start.
    2. For those in Europe and America who wants to seek refuge so that they can become refugees in those places.

    First of all we don’t have to imitate countries like Egypt because the Egyptians are united and have a common interest. Cameroonians have self interests.
    We need our own strategy. Strike in this manner needs a lot of education. The public need to be educated so that the layman will understand the reason for the strike.
    But now it is spread everywhere that strike and the Government is aware and will set securities everywhere, then the citizens who don’t know the aim of the strike will get out and start burning Government and private properties so they will be killed and the innocents will die and enemies will be killing each other instead of a peaceful strike.
    And after the strike, instead of using money for new project, the damaged ones will be repaired.

    Let’s use our conscience as internal judge for ourselves and not to judge others because we are not perfect in the eyes of God. I am not saying that Biya’s government is doing well.
    Biya is not the only one to be blamed here but his entire government which you and I, our families and friends are involved. What I mean is that the love for our neighbours covers all and he will get out by nature as he knows he got there after someone.
    We all know that God bless people also from the blessings they get from those around them. Biya has been receiving these blessings since when he became president in 1982 till date. When he came in he was blessed with long life and prosperity on the seat, God heard it. Now those who gave the blessings want to seize it, how? It will seem joking with God.
    We blame Biya because He is the head just like the father in the house.
    The youths are suffering, the rich get richer and poor get poorer…why? Because of corruption.
    Who is corrupt the entire Cameroonians who are direct or indirectly related to the government.
    For instance the Tax of a country is the greatest source of revenue for the Government.
    But how many Cameroonians do pay tax?
    The probability of those who pay tax is about 1/1000 meaning almost nobody pays tax.
    The blame is both on the Government bodies and the Citizens.
    If you don’t pay tax how will the government raise money to solve poverty?
    Again the citizens don’t pay tax because we have a central system of government. Where everything is directed to Yaounde too bad. Before a tax of 10million will leave say Tiko or Bamenda to Yaounde, each person responsible in the subdivision, division province etc must have deducted his share and almost no money will arrive the Yaounde and even in Yaounde, the receiver will take his share and very small amount will set place as revenue.
    Now the government will not be able to get revenue to invest in those provinces and the citizens will say the government don’t use the tax money so next time they will not pay any tax.

    Again the tax collector instead of meeting the business premises to collect tax for the state, they will encourage them to give them bribes so that they can operate without paying tax, so how can the government get revenue then?
    This tax issue is just a common example…there are many instances, just ask me.

  4. We want a tradition of justice, democracy, opportunity and development for ourselves and our progeny in our lifetime. Biya failed us. We prefer that he does not run for office again. If he leaves peacefully, Cameroonians are a forgiving people, and may forgive him for all the crimes that his regime inflicted on us.

    Biya should choose the path of leaving with his head held high, instead of under cloudy circumstances where his illicit gains from his regime would be called into question, and where he may well in deed become a fugitive from justice. i hope that Biya choses the sensible path and leaves peacefully. What ever the case, ITS NOW TIME for a new generation to take over the helm of the Cameroonian State and Biya Must GO!

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