An open letter to President Paul Biya

President Paul Biya and U.S. Ambassador R. Nie...
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Mr. President,

It is with much respect for the office of the President/Commander-in-Chief of the Cameroon Armed forces, our deep/unparalleled loyalty to/love for the Cameroon State & its institutions, our unequivocal respect for the Cameroon Constitution, and thirst for the Rule Law in Cameroon that we write to you today.

Recent developments in Cameroon and around the world have dictated the need for loyal and peace-loving Cameroonians of all walks of life, irrespective of gender, religious creed or tribe, to come together and take a deep look at the current state of affairs in Cameroon and also reflect over the type of Cameroon that Cameroonians will want to pass on to our children. This has culminated in the formation of the Movement for National Consciousness of Cameroon (MNCC). This is a movement and not a political party. It is a grassroots coalition of all Cameroonians who believe in a prosperous Cameroon that is founded on the rule of law, social justice and/or equal opportunities for all.

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