Cameroon Minister of occupation visits Ndian

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Petronilla Nchang on special assignment to Bakassi
The Cameroun Minister of Defence, Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo’o travelled toThe Southern Cameroons peninsular of Bakassi on the 11th of February 2011, some days after a show of force during which twelve Camerouniase including la republique’s Divisional Officer of Kombo Abedimo, Mayor of Akwa  Ibom, his assistant, the brigade commander of the Gendamerie, the commissioner of police and other administrative officers were captured in broad daylight and some from military barrracks.

The president of Cameroun Mr. Paul Biya, commander of the Armed Forces sent his Minister of Defence to re-assure Southern Cameroonians of an unending occupation even when the wind of change is on his foot steps.

Instead of the regime concentrating on its mission, which is total annexation and expliotation of Southern Cameroons people and their natural resources; the attention of the military has been shifted not to the enemy that has made away with their pound of flesh, but on innocent Southern Cameroonians. The military last night stormed the neighbourhood of Nitop in Bamenda, some 2000 km away from the Bakassi saga for unknown reasons. In the process, Mrses. Nde, Chi Evaristus and Wacham Eugiene were picked up by a mixte patrol, blind folded and taken to an unknown destination.

In an effort to disguise and manipulate the facts in an attempt to give paul a bad name as was the case on the 27 of March 1997 in the then North Wesst province of Cameroon, accusing fingers are now being pointing at the Youth league which the regime sees as a threat and number one enemy. What this reporter has gathered from a house to house survey in Kumbo Abedimo, Akwa Ibom and Idiabatu is that, the Minister of Occupation from la republique came to The Bakassi peninsular with clear instructions from Yaoundé for its occupational forces to round up young boys within the majority age irrespective of whether they militate in the SCYL or not.

In the peninsular, there is an uneaasy calm as youths have abandoned their houses and are now seeking refuge in the black waters and forest around the Bakassi areas stretching as far as Ekondo-Titi, Lobe, Mundemba, Bai and Ndian. Because of the difficulties on the terrian in the peninsular, it was very difficult to move across the other creeks given that there is already a war alert and this reporter is still wanted for anti-government activities on events relating to the visit of Paul Biya to Bamenda in December.

The event in the Bakassi peninsular is a blow to the annexationsit regime of la republique du Cameroun because it comes just months after 7 members of Paul Biya’s so called rapid intervention unit were gun down as guinnea pigs in Ndian by unknown assiliants, and the helicopter crash of Biya’s confident who happened to be the Commander of the rapid intervention unit of Israeli nationality and security adviser to the president of Cameroon.

Speaking to this reporter on grounds of animousity, a civil servant in Ndian told me all these actions by the regime in Yaoundé is a desparate attempt to distract Southern Cameroonians from the wind for change which has consumed the entire Arab regions from spilling over to Cameroon and in an attempt to tell the youths of Southern Cameroons that they can not rely on the Youth league. As at press time, several arrest have been made and there are reports of some soldiers being questioned at the military head office in Bota-Victoria.


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