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Resignation Speech of President Paul Biya

President Paul Biya of Cameroon at the inaugur...

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By: Chris K. Ajua

Cameroon is 18 million strong; but every one of these people has been abused and misused by my presidency and my poor governance.  It is claimed world-wide that my presidency is a corrupt one.  However, I should not be confused with “strong men” in other countries who practice military dictatorship because my dictatorship is different, though there are similarities as well.  I have never known the real meaning of utopian concepts such as democracy, peace, unity and nation building.  All that talk about the New Deal was only a farce as far as I was concerned.  I borrowed the idea from the American President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who used it successfully to lift his country out of the doldrums of the Great Depression.  And I am no Roosevelt! Read further: Suggested Resignation Speech of President Paul Biya to the People of Cameroon_before_the_2011_Presidential_Election


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