Gendarme batters doctor on duty to near death

Dr .Nana Theophile,a young medical doctor at the Buea Regional Hospital Annex, was Wednesday( last night )at about 2 :00 AM held at gunpoint, dragged into a nearby army camp and severely beaten by a gendarme  who accused the physician who was on night duty of failing to rescue his dying girlfriend, Patience. The gendarme officer is said to be married man.

At the time of posting this report the personnel of the hospital had downed their tools in protest of the military brutality suffered by their colleague, Nana Theophile, who incidentally won the hospital‘s 2010 Best Doctor of the Year Award.

Pacards-wielding nurses protest Dr Nana’s torture

Read further here: Gendarme batters Medical doctor to a comma over girl friends death


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  1. Paul says:

    is not a matter of the gendarme to be detain or t butto be dismissed from in job with the immediate effects. This is not the first case and i think is time military people take thie sick relations to the military hospital and allow medical staff to do their work. Death is inevitable so people should take note. Why the Egyptain military is their fighting for their nation, our block head military is fighting with learned people

  2. In dictatorial regimes, security officers often treat the population with impunity. Security officers are given free reign over the population who they misuse for augment their incomes through the solicitation of bribes. The only securitry that security officers are concerende with is the security of the dictator. Without the dictator, they would be all out of jobs. That is the fate that would befall many gendarmes, soldiers and police officers when a reckoning is performed of the Biya regime. They are getting away with it, so let they enjoy it when they can. But is already COUNTDOWN TO REVOLUTION TIME. The people are awaiting their turn to ask them: WHY?

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