Biya must go unrest begins in Cameroon


Manif Douala:Camer.beElements of the Police at about 11 am today Feb 21 2011 broke up a protest demonstration, intended to ask President Biya to give an account of his 29 years stewardship.The Protesters began the demonstrations in Bonakouamouang and were apparently heading for Bonanjo when they were asked to stop around Salle de fetes in Akwa. The demonstrators who had been mobilised by a certain Serge Espoir Matomba of a little known P.U.R.S party threw stones while the police responded with teargas. The protest ended when Matomba and one of his followers were arrested.The manifestants included some disgruntled customers of a microfinancial institution, COFINEST which has closed the doors of its Akwa Agency since Friday. Customers can no longer withraw their savings. 

Some of the placards of the demonstators read ”  Biya must go”, “Nous voulons un changement du regime”, Rembourser notre argent”,  “le peuple est souverain”  and other anti Biya slogans.

There are also unconfirmed reports that Security forces have take up strategic positions around immeuble de la Mort in Yaounde and at Ecole du Centre .

Meanwhile the week of martyrs, in memory of Cameroonians who were killed during the 2008 February uprisings begins today withe a visit by Hon Jean Michel Nintcheu to the family members of the victims


© Correspondance : Solomon Amabo A.


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  1. fuck that says:

    that cock sucking hell of a president must go. i dont think that man
    has a linage from cameroon because he hates that country. i want
    to see his ass tosed. he must be one of these:

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