Press Release [Biya Must Go] manifesto

As the ground work to throw President Paul Biya out of power is complete, “The Biya Must Go” and the Pro Democracy movement of the “European-Cameroons Freedom Alliance” wish to make known the grounds on how it will govern Cameroon when Biya leaves Power either voluntarily or by the peoples might.

The purpose of this Biya Must Go campaign is intended to

  1. Build a strong economy and sufficient income for every citizen of Cameroun and the Southern Cameroons with a zero employment as of 2015
  2. To promote a multi-cultural democracy in which no clan, tribe, county or region or an individual is mightier than the state and laws
  3. To re-introduce good social care and unemployment protection schemes for the working age and pensioneers
  4. To promote education at all levels on equal standards base on English, French and Spanish, and introducing a compulsory school going age to 21 thereby shifting the compulsory level of education from basic education to high school
  5. Introduce better care for the elderly and a compulsory health care insurance scheme for all working age citizens that will be subsidies by the state for the non working, children and the old
  6. Gaurantee equality in the freedom of religion, speech and expression as stipulated in Article 19
  7. Shift the focus from women’s emancipation to women’s participation in every work of life including guarantee to asume the office of president of the republic or a cap driver
  8. Creatting an environmental friendly country through the re-maping of the landscape, eco friendly structures and a diversification of sources of energy and by creating a mobility friendly environment base on equal opportunities irrespective of langauge, sex and culture
  9. Promote a positive and friendly immigration policy so as to attract selective mobility of labour from other countries in a move to empact our dying economy and to improve on our education standards
  10. To promote technical and commercial education at all levels through scholarships in aneffort to energies our business and engineering sectors which is the backbone of every economy
  11. To award excellence through promotion and punish medeocritie through demotions so as to encourage positive competitions not only in schools but also at work places
  12. To restructure the Cameroons arm forces through the encorporation of the national gendamrie into the military and police and the new rule of the army which is to defend the father’s land clearly defined and the police and prisons placed under the ministry of interior with policing controled by the mayors thereby reducing duplicity and waste in ministries like the secretariat of state for defence and the general delegation of police
  13. Demolish the position of government delegates in an effort to enhance community development through the work of municipal councils headed by elected mayors from the community
  14. The creation of a Southern Cameroons and Eastern Cameroun house of chiefs, Regional parliament and a national federal parliament base on the linguistic characteristic of the state
  15. Create a revolving presidency of five years with just one term each in an effort to give the young generation an opportunity to lead
  16. To enhance our natural resources and promote effective commercialisation with business partners through the policy of fair trade in every sector ranging from the sell of oil to other basic commodities like coco and coffee
  17. Abollish the expliotation of timber for a period of 15 years except for home consumption industries like the paper and pulp industry and furniture
  18. Join the organisation of petroleum exporting countries OPEC in a effort to enfluence the world economy as a potential oil power so as to shift the balance of power now being exploited by the Arab nations and Russia
  19. Introduce on the first day an independent National Electorial COMMISSION which must be headed and run only by religious personalities of reputable and indisputable character
  20. Introduce talks with the Southern Cameroons Movements and Represnetative of la republique du Cameroun and to organise elections al all levels within six months when Biya is gone
  21. Re-write a new constitution for the Federation / or country.

Done this day, the  22 of February 2011, in The Hague, The Netherlands,

By Julius Che / Dr. Rexon Nting

For the European-Cameroons Freedom Alliance (ECFA)

Leaders of the “Biya Must Go” Campaign


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  1. King says:

    If you want President Paul Biya to go, then you’ll have not only to challenge but beat him at elections. For that to happen you need to convince Cameroonians not to vote for President Paul Biya but for someone else and I bet you that will not be an easy task!

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