[Biya Must Go] Douala Cameroon as of today

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  1. C. N. Forsang says:

    Im in support for this wind of change blowing through Africa. It is time African head of states realise that rigging election is not the solution; Currupting and intimidating those who are supposed to work for the poeple to engage in campaigns for the rulling parties last just for a short while. Poeple are aware of these tricks and now are comming out as One to say no!. We started this in February 2008 and were tortured. Today the world is saying we were right. The strategy worked in orthers countries and will work in Cameroon as well, its just a matter of time. I strongly support/encourage those heroes spearheading this action. Nations should be ruled by the choice os the people and not the choice for the people.
    It is smarter to leave power that to be kicked out of power

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