[Biya Must Go] Paul Biya Degage

Dear Cameroonians,

As we give Biya and his gang some time to reflect despite all the provocations from Ngolle Ngolle Elvis, we want to assure the CPDM regime and cohorts that the “Biya Must Go” campaign is preparing a political Tsunami for Cameroon that will swallow all of them. Douala was just an exercise for real ground work to start. Biya and his thieves should use this week end to reflect and replay the videos of Egypt and Libya. There will be no room for escape when we land and those who stand with the dictator shall perish with him.

Let the army and the police know and reflect when they receive orders. If they stand with the people, they shall be glorified, but if they attempt to protect a corrupt and outdated regime which is going to crumble in their own rubbles from our actions,then  they shall be buried in thesame rubbles. There shall be no fence sitting. Either you are for the people or you are against the people.

The peoples’ might you guys just withnessed in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain and now in Libya is just a tip of the iceburg. Cameroon will be a combination of all. You have your guns, machine guns, AK 47 , jets and helicopters; we have our bear hands and white clothes, but our force and might in their millions will be more than all the bullets, machine guns and teargas in stock. Tunisia took a month, Egypt 18 days and Libya will fall soon, Cameroon will be the shortest of all the campaigns.

There shall be no hiding place for traitors and no room to welcome or host adventures. Biya has the last warning to step down and hand over power to us. We are not negotiating for a military takeover. So the miliatry should stay clear of this or will face our might. We are not requesting a handover to the opposition because even John Fru has betrayed us. We are not asking for an independent electoral commission because all those sitting in as officers of ELECAM are our greatest enemies. We are not asking for a new constitution because the Cameroonians people are intelligent enough to draw one for themselves. We are asking Biya to handover power to us. We have already put in place the necessary mechanism to bring lasting democracy, the rule of law and good governance to Cameroon within six months. There is no room for any negotiation, we are not afraid. We are one family-Anglophones, Francophones, Boulou, Bayangi, Douala, Bamileke, Ewondo, Bulus, Doualas, Fulanis, Mbororos, Pygmies, Fangs, Esinjangs…, we are one Cameroon fighting a corrupt and ruthless regime that has enslaved out people for 50 years in which Biya share an accumulated blame of 28 years as president.

We are coming, Biya Must Go / Paul Biya Degage


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