[Biya Must Go] Last warning to allies

As D-Day for a political Tsaunami for Cameroon approaches, The Biya Must Go team is calling for the last time for close associates of the CPDM and Biya’s regime to resign and islolate Biya or will face the wrath of the PEOPLEs’ will.

If you are a minister, a Governor, an SDO, a DO , a CPDM chief or Fon, Politcal Bureau members of the CPDM, Members of CENER, BIR (Rapid Intervention Unit, BMM, Generals of the army, Commissioners of police, Presby members, ELECAM, Family members of Biya and close relatives of members of the regime (Frank Biya, Chantal Biya etc); it is time for you to distant yourself from the Paul Biya regime or you shall face the Cameroonian people when Biya is gone.

There are three things you can do

  1. Resign from the government and go home
  2. Join the people campaign against your old master Paul Biya or
  3. Resign from your position and leave the country

Failure to do one of these will be considered by our tsaunami team and the people of CAMEROON as a direct provocation to the peoples campaign and you and any close associate of yours will be considered as an enemy of the peoples’ and the state of Cameroon , and as a deliberate act to undermine the peoples’ strength and resolve.

We are equally calling on all Cameroonians especially our action teams to be vigilant and distant yourself from any trouble maker(s) who may want to use our historic move on the regime to either settle personal score or try to vandalise property or persons of which we strongly oppose and condemn. Our action shall be peaceful, massive and consuming but will be mightier than any gun, machine gun, helicopter, tanks or smeer campaign which the regime is good in.

This will be the last warning before our advance to Etoudi palace begins which is unstoppable unless Biya Goes.

For the “Biya Must Go” Campaign


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